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worlds' most expensive ice cream

You’ll Scream For Ice Cream When You Buy The Most Expensive Ice Cream In The World

The most expensive ice cream in the world is reserved for those who have limitless pockets and a taste for something so posh it’s literally like eating frozen gold.

Apparently, life is so good when you are wealthy that the super-rich must grow bored with everyday normal items. Take a common dairy staple like ice cream for example, available at any grocery store for about $5 a gallon.

Well, when you are living in the lap of luxury, sometimes that’s just too cheap. Instead, you’ll have to turn elsewhere to feed your luxury cravings. Because, after all, how are you supposed to ever admit to eating such a cheap and palsy culinary concoction?

Scoopi Black Diamond Ice CreamIf you happen to be looking to “trump-ify” your cone, then look to the most expensive ice cream in the world. It’s called the Black Diamond. You can only find it in Dubai’s Scoopi Café, too.

The ice cream is made from Madagascar vanilla bean and boasts Iranian saffron threading and black truffle from Italy. It’s topped with 23-karat gold leafing to add the finishing, extra-gaudy touch. Of course, it’s not complete without a designer Versace bowl, which you get to keep.

So how much does this golden affair cost? Try $800 per scoop. Given its constituents, the blend doesn’t even sound that appealing. As compared to a brownie Sunday you can find at any other creamery, and that will run you about $10, in reality you are just paying for the bowl and a fancy name.

But in a city where supercars are the mainstay and oil flows alongside a stream of fresh money, the price tag actually probably seems reasonable to some of the citizens. For the rest of us, we’d rather forgo such innately silly and melting luxuries in favor of making our monthly mortgage payment on time.

We’ll opt for the latter. No Versace bowl necessary

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