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Wow! Jane Fonda Outshines Angelina Jolie In Same Red Carpet Gown

When Jane Fonda had a fashion moment at Cannes Film Festival, she was simultaneously showing Brad Pitt’s stunning other half how fashion (and good tailoring) is really done.

Does anyone here have a vintage collection of 1980s workout videos hidden in their den? You’ll be inspired to dust ‘em off, throw on a pair of legwarmers and aerobicize your way to fitness after seeing Jane Fonda’s recent show-stopping arrival to the world’s most glamorous movie festival, Cannes.

Poured into a glittery Elie Saab gown, our Fonda, 76, knew exactly how to pose for the sea of cameras, her perfect posture a nod to the decades she spent as the poster child for toning and stretching. Hand on hip, shoulders tall, feet together: Most women would kill for her curves that showed off a stunning hourglass figure and her still impossibly tiny waist.


I couldn’t stop staring.

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part. Angelina Jolie, 38, wore the same dress (in a dark grey color) to the Oscars this very year. The gown did nothing on her thin, straight-up-and-down body, hanging to the floor in a shapeless heap.

Was I the only one who thought this way? Or did everyone else see what I was seeing? I have never in my life felt compelled to vote in any kind of “reader” poll, but when gossip maven blogger Perez Hilton ran a “Who Wore it Better?” item that only revealed the results if you voted, I quickly clicked, “Jane Fonda.”

She was ahead 65 percent to Angelina’s 35 percent!

It took nerves of steel to wear the same dress that arguably the world’s most beautiful woman had just worn a few short months prior. But Fonda is nothing short of cinematic royalty, a Hollywood icon, and she wanted to wear that dress. I wonder if she even batted an eye when told—she most definitely was told—that Jolie had just worn it. Is it my imagination, or was some tailoring done to make the dress tighter above the waist and on the bottom half to create more shape? Smart cookie to make sure every stitch was done just so, cinched in all the right places to hug that flawless figure.

However she did it, she outshined Brad Pitt’s prettier half.

Cannes has been a little lackluster in the glamour department this year. Thankfully, Fonda, on the carpet representing L’Oreal, delivered this iconic fashion moment. The pose, those curves, that confidence: That’s true star power right there, that indescribable ability to take people’s breath away. So few words even exist to define the concept—all I know is that you have to see “it” to believe it.

And Jane Fonda has “it.” Does she ever.

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