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Tom Brady 2015
Steelers/Patriots 2015 season opener.

With Chip On Shoulder, Tom Brady Clobbers Steelers In Opener

Tom Brady took the helm for the Patriots in the season opener last night, demonstrating surefire prowess and accurate, confident passing and leadership as he toppled the Steelers and showed the world that he’s got a chip on his shoulder.

Watch out, NFL – Tom Brady has a lot more to prove than you think. Following being cleared by a federal Judge for Deflate Gate so he could play on the season opener, suspension-free, he had a lot to prove to everyone. Namely, that he’s the accurate, perfect passer that’s won the Super Bowl MVP three times, and that nothing is going to get in the way of him doing it again.

In lieu of a media world that’s been cluttered with all sorts of smack-talking, ranging from cheating accusations to his marriage being in trouble, Brady seemed unaffected. Gisele Bündchen, his lovely supermodel wife, was in the stands cheering on her world champion hubby as he entered to a chorusing, standing ovation; one that was replete with banners brandishing his exoneration and lambasting Rodger Goodell.

It was an epic showing of profound greatness, all being delivered of course by one of the greatest players to ever set foot on a football field. Love him or hate him, it’s tough to argue against a guy who has four Super Bowl wins, three Super Bowl MVPs and six Super Bowl appearances in his career. Far more than most players could ever hope to dream of.

His legendary status once again was made apparent. Brady played seemingly perfect, mentally untouched by the happenings of his recent Deflate Gate suspension (now overturned and presently being appealed by the NFL), and the drama that’s gone with it. Rather, Boston’s favorite put on a showing that would make any defense frown.

The hometown hero picked apart the Steelers defense, notching 19 completed passes in a row at one point. He’d cap off the night in eclectic near perfection, tallying 25 of 32 passes for 288 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

At the fore was his superstar tight end, Rob Gronkowski, who caught three of those touchdown passes, recovering a fumble for a touchdown later on that was ultimately reversed during replay after the fact.

Julian Edelman was on point as was Dion Lewis, helping the Pats close up their opening game 28-21. But the game wasn’t nearly as close as the end score demonstrates. The Pats were up by at least 10 points throughout the duration of the competition, going 28-14 during the final minutes of the fourth quarter. A last minute touchdown as the clock ran dry helped the Steelers staunch the bleeding for their final stats, but did nothing to help them win.

On defense, the Steelers looked dry and confused at times. Gronk was wide open half of the time and poorly covered. He would line up and there’d be no defenders in sight, as if they were begging for the all-star to get easy yards. During a particular play, Gronk lined up with no coverage and Brady snapped the ball quickly, ripping off a 52-yard catch down the seam.

The Steelers did have a great run game, tricking the Pats right, left and up the middle for solid gains. But it would not help them in end, as their passing game was shoddy and unbalanced the entire evening.

Certainly, the Steelers are a great team. But Tom Brady has a history of winning outings against them. This night, there would be few teams that could take Brady down on his hometown field, as he had a chip on his shoulder and something to prove to the entire world.

Oh, and Brady set another NFL record, too: most wins with a single team at 161. The previous holder of this prestigious count was Brett Favre, who had 160 with Green Bay.

Love him or hate him, the stats don’t lie. For the record, I am a Green Bay fan, but love to see great players do their work. And Brady, whether your agree or not, is one of the greatest players to ever don an NFL uniform.

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