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Postcard From Paris – Glam Home Healing And Wellness Therapies For The Ultimate In Anti-Aging

Our beauty editor falls in love with the newest potent beauty products from the City of Love.

Do you trust the French to have the ultimate healing, anti-aging beauty products? I do, too. And now a formerly only-in-salons line is available for home use for the very first time – straight out of Paris. Light up your life with these healing French products (you’ll see what I mean).

anti-agingWith SOTHYS’s last two very significant and separate launches, Cosmeceutique Rx and Eau Thermale Soothing Line, they have answered the needs of both safe, assertive anti-aging and deep, nurtured healing. In an age of many, many potent skincare and body wellness brands, the revered line has remained at the top of many power people’s lists as a slow-burn brand of verified and bona fide treatments of anti-aging skin (and bodies) from the inside out. Despite mergers and acquisitions being the norm for many boldface names, SOTHYS’s decades of science and dedicated customers have very quietly hummed along with some of the most influential die-hard customers who know that “feeling” is believing, as much as seeing is. They’ve always been at the forefront of every trend, science breakthrough, or, quite often, creating that societal “it” product themselves.


anti-aging skin creeamWhen Cosmeceutique Rx released this year, it proved to be everything I personally require in my regimen—having previously had to hand-select products from a mix of skincare brands. As one of the strongest over-the-counter skincare remedies I’ve seen to date, the Cosmeceutique Rx products are few, but gently potent. With Recover Rx Regenerative Solution, Glysalac Skin Preparer, Retinol Dermobooster, Glysalac Dermobooster and Ultra-C Dermobooster, you are bound to find yourself with a more even-toned, taught and less lined appearance—using a handful of perfected combinations that deliver results (as each product is aptly named). It’s the latest worthy product in the anti-aging revolution.


For those who suffer from sensitive skin, have had too much sun, or are considered “post procedure”, the Soothing Line made me step back. Wow. While writing this at my trusty laptop, I used the Nutri-Soothing Mask after a dense scrub and the aforementioned Glysalac Skin Preparer. As a person who is forever trying to take away, remove, or quite simply, “peel off,” I found each item in this treatment program to be so unlike anything else on the market. Quite simply, Minerale Soothing Line is, as well, one of the most distinctly-targeted lines I’ve tried—luxurious game-changers. Micellar Cleansing Water is an amazing leave-on tonic that cleanses, charges and heals skin at a cellular level while leaving a most amazing feeling skin (I truly found this to be a standout item). The Soothing SOS Serum is rich, calming, and desensitizing, while the Soothing Melting Fluid absorbs deep to counteract irritations. For more intense coverage, Soothing Velvet Cream is velvety-rich deliciousness and packed with abundant nutrients.


What time is it again? Time to indulge. Remember, professional spa and salon remedies and products are, by law, allowed to be formulated significantly stronger and more potent. It’s your lucky day.

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