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Vitamin D For Your Diseased Heart? New Study Says It Helps

A new study has concluded that vitamin D may be the solution for those who suffer from diseased hearts.

In a trial study, 163 patients who had suffered from heart failure used various supplements containing the vitamin, which is only processed by the skin via exposure to sunlight, to improve the heart’s functions. Namely, the supplement was used to help enable the heart to better pump the blood to the body.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals team fielded the study and said that the results were impressive. But the British Heart Foundation has said that the supplements should be studied for a longer period of time to determine the efficacy.

The body uses vitamin D to keep the bones healthy, but those who suffer from a deficiency often have numerous ailments that accompany it.

While the participants in this study were age 70, on average, it was found that all of them had very low levels of vitamin D in their bodies. They were administered 100 micrograms of vitamin D or a placebo once per day for a full year.

Ejection fraction and failure were measured during this time to see how the vitamin would aid the heart in its pumping capacity and ejection fraction. A healthy adult usually measures in with an ejection fraction percentage of 65%. But heart failure patients in the study were operating at about 25%.

The study found that the supplements helped increased ejection fraction percentage to as much as 34%.

Researchers noted that taking a supplement still is not an excuse for lack of exercise or improper diet, often key contributing factors to heart failure and heart disease.

A lead research emphasized that: “A much bigger study over a longer period of time is now needed to determine whether these changes in cardiac function can translate into fewer symptoms and longer lives for heart failure patients.”

Once newer, longer term and wider scale studies are conducted, they may reveal more conclusive results that can help heart failure patients improve heart health.

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