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Donald Trumop, next presidential election

Trump TV Anyone?

Trump is the center of the universe right now – the other candidates’ only hope for headlines is a snappy comeback to his face during the debates.

A day doesn’t go by when we don’t see one headline about who one of the Kardashians is dating or which one is having a baby.

Although I was confused for a long time about why these people were famous in the first place and what they did before they had their own reality television show, they still seem pretty popular.

And now the next presidential election has turned into its own juicy reality TV show.

Even though Donald Trump is no longer going to appear on The Apprentice, fans of his are still being entertained. The leading Republican candidate at the moment is so reality TV-like, powerhouse Huffington Post has moved Trump to “entertainment” – with the likes of the previously mentioned Kardashians. Yup, he got fired from the political coverage, but it was his own damn fault.

I’ve never seen a presidential candidate get as much airtime as Trump this early in the primary season. It seems so bit over the top and unreal – I even called for an intervention, saying Trump needs to drop out. Yes. It is one political circus of an election.

You know the other candidates are furious when they make big speeches or even announce their candidacy and get little airtime or newspaper coverage.

Not to mention the consternation at Fox New over how much coverage to give the guy, which crowds out the other candidates. At one recent appearance in Las Vegas, both MSNBC and CNN covered Trump but Fox News coverage was absent.

The stories that Rupert Murdoch has told Fox News President Roger Ailes to cut down on the coverage of Trump are likely true. Republicans have to be furious with all the coverage on him.

But so far, the news organizations for the most part are giving the public what it wants: Trump and more Trump.

What perfect timing for MSNBC to go from its host coverage to more straight news, especially since it’s going to focus on politics.

So who remembers The Truman Show? In the movie, Jim Carey’s character, Truman Burbank, starred in a reality show of his life within him knowing it. I guarantee that if you had a camera on Donald Trump 24 hours a day right now, there would be some decent ratings. Any web site that chronicled his moves would get a lot of viewers. He’s the center of the universe right now – all eyes on him. The only difference is that unlike Truman, Trump is far from oblivious.

The Truman Show is getting replaced by the Trump Show.

And I still don’t know how this show is going to end.

From the beginning, the pundits have written Trump off as a sideshow who will fade into oblivion by the end of the primary campaign.

They mention how in previous years, candidates have polled well on a national basis and faded. Trump’s propensity to say some things that anger and upset people, like his comments on whether Sen. John McCain was a war hero, would be his undoing, many said.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. He’s not going to be president. That’s a certainty, but that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to be a factor.

There’s a lot of anger out there. People are upset about their status in life or their perception that the country isn’t headed in the right direction.

Given Trump’s love for saying exactly what’s on his mind and helping people channel their anger, there’s no reason why he should fade anytime soon

No other candidate can do what he does. The other Republicans are trying to be measured, play the presidential political game, and build on contributions and support.

Trump is just winging it, like Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential election. That’s attractive to people, even if he says something that makes many other people cringe.

When it comes to viewing Trump, I don’t think it matters what your political beliefs are or if you’ve already decided you’ll never vote for Trump – he’s must-watch television. That’s why even MSNBC is devoting so much time to him.

Trump’s a much better watch than Hillary Clinton and even the rogue Bernie Sanders. You know Clinton is probably happy that the campaign coverage is focused on Trump rather than herself since people are trying to criticize her for polling or some other issue, like Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation.

So while this is the summer rerun season, the best new show of the television season has already started, and I can only imagine the ratings of the first debate, on Fox News on Aug. 6. The network just might set a record for the number of liberals and Democrats watching the channel.

Even people who don’t regularly vote or get involved in the political process whatsoever are going to tune in to watch Trump not only in that debate, but others than will follow in the fall. Do the other candidates actually owe Trump for bringing more eyeballs to the game? What sound bites will become the most famous? The debates offer a unique opportunity – for a shoved-aside candidate to grab headlines for something he says directly to Trump. This could get good.

It’s definitely the right time for the Trump Channel. I know his ego would love that.

Get your remote ready.

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