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Travel Tips for Seniors spending quality time with one another on vaction.

Travel Tips: Before You Travel, Don’t Forget These!

Travel Tips You Should Be Aware Of

As a senior citizen, having your entire trip planned out is something that must to be done beforehand. Every great traveler, old or young, must have things in line in case of emergencies. There are also a couple of tricks that seniors can pull in order to make their trips a lot easier and cheaper. Taking advantage of some of these tips can be make your travels better, whether you’re traveling near or far. Take a look at some of the tips on the list below to see what you’ve been missing in your travel plans.

Ensuring that You Have Travelers and Health Insurance

When you are traveling abroad, it’s important that you have access to health insurance that will cover you while out of the country. Many domestic plans won’t cover medical bills that are accumulated across seas. Traveler’s insurance can be obtained from a variety of companies, such as MedJet Assist, TravelInsured and AccessAamerica. Travelers insurance will assist with trip interruptions, such as lost luggage, flight cancellations, medical and evacuations.

Make Sure to Get Your Senior Citizen Discounts Before You Travel

Seniors have a great advantage when it comes to traveling because there are so many ways to obtain discounts. You can find a lot of sites online that will allow you to book trips with your senior discount intact. If you’re not too familiar with the Internet, you can instead contact a travel agent that is associated with ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents. This way, you’ll receive assistance with the entire process of booking your vacation to and from wherever you plan to go.

Have a Consultation with Your Physician Beforehand

Before you decide to plan a fun trip out of the state or country, plan a checkup with your doctor to ensure that you are in great traveling health. You should let your doctor know that you are planning a trip and for how long, so that you can get enough prescriptions for your travels. Contacting the Center for Disease Control to obtain information about required immunizations is also great idea. Having your trip canceled because you don’t have sufficient shots would be disheartening.

Before you travel, Obtain your Passports and Visas

In order to get across international borders, you’re going to need your passport or visa. You’re going to have to research or ask your travel agent whether or not you’re going to need a visa or just a passport for the trip that you’re planning. It’s a good idea to have extra passport photos just in case yours are lost or stolen. Also, keep an eye on the expiration date of your passport. Begin the reapplication process at least four months in advance. You also need to have several blank pages at the back of your passport, so that you can continue your travels. Otherwise, you’ll need to reorder a new book. Always keep the phone number for the local Embassy or Consulate and authorities in your cell phone or wallet.

Packing for Your Trip

It’s a good idea to pack lightly for your travels. One rolling suitcase and bag should be sufficient. Make sure that you don’t have any old tags from other travels attached. Try buying unique bags or adding stripes or ties that will make it stand out. Include your name and phone numbers on your bags in case they get lost. A copy of your itinerary would make it even easier to find you.

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