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Touch of Midas: The NFL Super Bowl 50 will be a Golden Affair

Fittingly so, King Midas seems to have lent his magical touch to the forthcoming NFL Super Bowl 50, which will not use the Roman numeral “L” in place of the numbering that seems more fitting, adorned and complemented with gold at all turns and tucks.

The golden anniversary of NFL Super Bowl 50 will have Midas’ 48-karat fingerprints all over it. As the league readies itself for the fifth decade of the world’s most celebrated sporting event, which will be aired by CBS from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, the gold standard shall prevail.

The NFL plans to ring in the tradition early, too, with gold being featured prominently at the NFL Draft this year. A golden hat with golden NFL logo will be presented to each member who is drafted in Chicago. The last time the draft was held in the Windy City was back in 1964. This time, even the Super Bowl museum will be adorned with gold.

But Midas’ touch doesn’t stop there. A gold NFL shield will be painted on the field of every stadium that hosts the sport nationwide, including on the Kickoff Weekend. What’s more, the 50-yard marker as well as the 50-yard line will also be golden, too. In August, the Hall of Fame will also feature gold marking.

Each team will be featuring gold in their uniforms once week seven gets under way. You’ll see the gold in the gear players are wearing, like their hats, gloves and jackets. And Pro Bowl this year will feature these three colors: Black, white and (you guessed it) gold.

The Super Bowl champs will still get the signature Lombardi Trophy, but they will also get two gold letters, too: 50. They will be forged from 33-pound bronze letters that are gold plated with 18-karats, created by Tiffany.

What’s even more interesting is that this year’s league schedule has been intentionally designed to rematch some of the most infamous Super Bowl contenders against one another again. Teams like the Bills will square off against Buffalo, who lost one of four repeat Super Bowl appearances to the bison.

But the first rematch from Super Bowl’s illustrious past will take place during the Hall of Fame Game, which will pit the Vikings against the Steelers to replay the famous Super Bowl IX.

Rumors say that teams will be honoring previous Super Bowl players by making them honorary captains at games and showcasing them during halftime. According to the NFL, over 52 coaches and more than 3,000 players have contended in Super Bowls over five decades, so it should be interesting. Many of those players will be invited to deliver a gold football to the high school they graduated from as well.

What do you think about all the gold? Is it much ado about nothing or worthy of ringing in the 50th anniversary of the biggest sporting event on earth? Let us know in your comments.

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