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Top Reasons Why 50+ is the New 40-Something

It’s not a new saying by any means. But it used to apply to the 30-something demographic. You know, that old saying of “30 is the new 20.” Today, thanks to advancements in healthcare, a longer average lifespan and a lot of other reasons (which we will get into in a second), 50+ is actually the new 40-something.

Youthful 50+ men and women are doing more than many 40-year-olds ever dreamed of. A few key creature comforts include improved health, more freedom, more engaging sex lives and better finances. Of course, there’s more to it than just this. Here’s the proof in the pudding.


The kids are raised, shipped off to college and out of the door. You’ve got the house all to yourself with no more schlepping around or fretting over holidays, school days, and the precariously balancing of career and family life. Don’t get gloomy over the empty nest. Instead, embrace your newfound freedom.

Your House; Your Way

Speaking of an empty nest, what do you plan on doing with all those rooms that can be remodeled? Previously used bedrooms can be converted into an office, an art studio, a yoga room or even a football-inspired man-cave.

A Freeing Sex Life

Sex actually is just like fine wine: it gets better as you age. Studies have found that the 50+ crowd enjoys longer, more fulfilling episodes of steamy intimacy. And with all that time you’ll have, and with likely a quieter and emptier house with no worries of intrusion, sex on the couch, in the kitchen, on the living room floor or in the hot tub out back just became a surefire (and safe) reality.

Improved Confidence

The older you get, the wiser you become. With experience and knowledge also does come confidence. Use this confidence to enhance nearly every aspect of your daily life. From how you perform at work to how you pursue your hobbies. You’ve earned it.

Free Time Galore

Let’s be honest: raising children is rewarding, but also can take its toll. Now with all of this free time, you’ll be able to passionately pursue undertakings and hobbies you would have never dreamed of doing previously. Start taking those ballroom dancing lessons, get a role in a community theater play, or build that awesome motorcycle by hand. It’s your time and your life; unabated.

Better Finances

After having put so much money into your home loan, auto loan, credit cards and student loans (presuming you’ve encumbered these debts during your lifetime), you should have them paid down substantially or perhaps even paid off. No wonder the 50+ demographic controls a vast majority of wealth in the U.S. Enjoy being financially on top of things, and don’t worry too much about taking a scenic, luxurious vacation.

As you can see, 50+ really is the new 40-something… just a whole lot better than it was when you were 40.

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