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Tom Brady

Tom Brady Showed Buffalo Why He’s The Rustler & They’re The Bison

After a victory in Federal court resulting in Tom Brady being cleared to play for the regular season, it has been payback time for the Pats.

Once Judge Berman tossed his Deflate Gate suspension, Tom Brady set his sights firmly on another Super Bowl title and with proving the world they were wrong. He’s done a pretty damn good job of it so far, too.

It all started in week one, where Brady literally clobbered the Steelers in a game that looked a lot closer than it really was. During this outing, he put up 25 of 32 passes for 288 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions with a nearly perfect QBR. Then it was all sights on what some critics were saying was a suddenly “relevant Buffalo Bills.”

Not so fast, critics.

Did anyone see the chaos that became of the Jets team when Rex Ryan had his way? The whole world saw something that is earlier similar to pandemonium that’s been razing the Eagles with Chip Kelly brooding the most infamous player shuffling of all time.

Next up on Brady’s list was undoing all the hype over the Bills. For this win, he would put up the second most passing yards in his entire star-studded career, tossing the pigskin for 466 yards and three touchdowns, helping his team defeat the Bills and shut the mouths of naysayers.

Of course, a rowdy Bills team was certain to make it a noisy affair for Brady on game day in New York.

“It was really loud, no doubt,” Brady told the press. “I thought the good plays settled them down a little bit. … It’s a good team, great defense, tough place to play, and it was a great win. It’s great to be 2-0.”

In 24 out of their past 27 meetings, Brady has manhandled the Bills, regardless of crowd noise.

“It’s a team win,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick inferred. “We prepared hard and we got something to show for it. We scored 40 points and we are 1-0 in the division.”

As for Rex Ryan, he’s 4-10 against Belichick. And he’s 1-1 on the season.

“It’s on my shoulders,” Ryan explained. “Belichick out-coached me. No question about it. That’s how it ended up.”

Brady had plenty of help during this close matchup. Julian Edelman caught 11 passes, notching 97 yards and two touchdowns. Rob Gronkowski caught seven passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. Dion Lewis ran for 138 yards and also got a touchdown. Lastly, Stephen Gostkowski was good on all four field goal attempts.

When the Bills caught up to 37-32 late in the fourth quarter, Gostkowski helped put the game out of reach with a 25-yarder.

Meanwhile, the Pats defense was firing on all cylinders. They took Sammy Watkins to the ground eight times in the matchup.

Up next is the Jaguars. Hardly competition for a Pats team out on the war path.

All-in-all, the Pats look even better than they did last year, when they won a nail-biter to send Seattle packing in the Big Dance.

This year, they could possibly be the best team they’ve ever been. With Tom Brady out for revenge, and with no signs him stopping (albeit Goodell laments over this), one side of this season’s Super Bowl match is all but determined.

Is there anyone that can stop the Patriots this year? Because Tom Brady’s chip is growing even bigger, and his shoulders are quite capable of carrying the weight all the way to his fifth Super Bowl crown.

Given that he’s started off the season with 745 passing yards, seven passing touchdowns, no interceptions and 119 QBR, it’s quite possible.

That’s my prediction. Pats repeat and Brady gets his fifth title.

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