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This Za’ is Going to Cost Ya’ – 5 Priciest Pies Revealed (Most Expensive Pizza In The World)

Pizza, how pricey could it get? A lot more so than you might suspect. We’ll show you in this look at the most expensive pizza in the world.

Maze, London, a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant: $250

Pretty expensive for a pie, right? Well it does come topped with some savory ingredients that include buffalo mozzarella, fontina cheese, pancetta, cep mushrooms, white truffle pasta, herbs and spices and even white truffle shavings. But the catch is the shavings of white truffles, which are added at your table and that can jack the price up to $250 or more.

Nino Bellisima, New York City: $1,000

This next pie will hurt your wallet, to the tune of $1,000. Here’s the kicker: there are six different caviars that are added to this pie. Other than that, it’s standard New York pizza. But the caviar costs about $700 to add, so you can see where the uppity price tag comes from.

Haggis, Glasgow, a Domenico Crolla Restaurant: $4,200

A James Bond style pizza will drain your wallet to the tune of $4,200. But it is covered in 24-carat gold dust and features lobster and caviar that has been marinated in champagne. Lastly, they ladle aged cognac on top as a finishing touch.

Favitta’s Family Pizzeria, Henrietta New York: $8,200

We’re getting pretty pricey now. But the real kicker here is that the pizza is just a gourmet pizza at standard gourmet prices. This signature “Pizza for Lovers” comes with a real diamond ring and a bottle of Dom. It could make for an interesting proposal, if you and your spouse-to-be love all things za’ (and are fond of the Ninja Turtles movies).

Luis XIII, Salerno, Italy, a Renato Viola Creation: $12,000

And our list topper here costs a meager $12,000. Following a 72-hour resting period, the dough is finally ready to cook. Next are the ingredients, which include: lobster, caviar, bufala mozzarella and Australian sea-salt. But, really, it costs so much because gourmet chefs come to your home and cook this pie before your very eyes. For $12,000, it may make more sense to invest in a pizza business, so you can eat freshly made pie whenever you please.

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