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The Most Expensive Burger in the World | Creation Wows Mouth, Empties Wallet

Costly culinary creations by five-star, gourmet chefs are nothing new. But one restaurant in London is staking claim to the most expensive burger in the world. This one’s a mouthful, and we’ve got the tasty bits on this savory, pricey dish.

According to reps at Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea, London, England, they’ve created a concoction that they believe is the most expensive burger in the world. To put it into better perspective, toppings and garnishments include: real gold leafing, caviar and lobster.

The most expensive burger in the world is made from signature wagyu beef and deer venison, and it’s priced at a meager £1,100. It took over 21 days to create and was verified by the record tracking think tank, Record Setters, as being the “most expensive burger in the world.”

A delicious hodgepodge of add-ons were used to not only entice the senses and leave you salivating with hunger, but to also ensure that the price surpassed that of any other burger available in the free market.

Approximately 220g of Kobe wagyu beef is utilized, which is minced with 60g of New Zealand venison to create the patty. The chefs say that this precise mixture works to balance the fatty elements of the meats for added flavor and consistency. In the middle of the patty is a truffle that’s made form Brie, which turns into liquid and binds the meat when cooked.

Seasoning consists of simple, but costly, Himalayan salt. It’s then served with poached lobster from Canada and Iranian saffron.

Topping the most expensive burger in the world is a combination of maple-coated bacon, hickory smoked duck egg that is covered in gold leafing and trademark beluga caviar.

But there’s even more. The bun is toasted and seasoned with Japanese matcha, a special kind of green tea that is powdered, whole cream mayo, which is coated in golf leafing, and a garnish of mango and champagne jus with white truffle flakes.

You’d better get ready to hit the gym after ingesting the world’s most expensive burger, because it wallops an intense, valve-blocking 2,618 calories – well over the food pyramid’s guidelines for the average adult male or female.

We were curious as to how much exercising it would take to burn off this burger once you consumed it. Some research generated a few offerings that promise to burn a pound of fat per day. These include: climbing Mount Monadnock (about 4,000 calories burned); running for 400 minutes (about 2,100 calories burned); walking at least 40,000 steps (about 1,892 calories burned).

Would you pay thousands just to eat a burger? How would you work it off afterwards? Let us know with your comments.

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