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NiC Gentleman: A Real Man

Guys, by caring about your appearance, you can still become the kind of man you were born to be.

Don’t be scared, fellas: This article is for all guys, not only the fussy ones. The term gentleman doesn’t need to strike visions of an impossibly fastidious dude cracking his newspaper in an overstuffed club chair, wearing an ascot. A real gentleman excels in any setting—pounding back beers and barbeque wings on NFL Sundays very much included. Being a gentleman requires possessing a mix of a positive attitude, selfless consideration, but mostly, is reliant on what kind of impression one leaves behind. The man who underneath rumpled denim took the time to shave, hold a door open and made another person feel heard—well, that’s a real gentleman. Are you one? Art-of-shaving-Overnight-Balm


Shaving has gone old world high tech. The Art Of Shaving has just scored major points in my advanced, sometimes jaded, grooming world for they’ve pulled us back a few decades while thrusting us forward with skin technology. Our dad’s double-edged safety razor is back—though much improved and handmade in Germany. Their online shaving video is truly helpful in getting the best shave ever. Now for the innovation part: Overnight Balm. Infused with lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils revitalize skin, the balm is a customized blend of shea butter and jojoba oil help protect your face from further drying (aging) as you sleep. Easy.


Anthony+High-Performance-LineIf your face maintenance is more type-A (as in anti-aging), then “A” is for Anthony. A real innovator in intense age-reversal with results-oriented ingredients that remedy even the most sallow, spotted, lined or sagging skin. Anthony’s High Performance line gets serious with Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum, Vitamin C Facial Serum, Vitamin A Facial Treatment and Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. Each can (and should) be layered in that exact order. You’ll thank me. Every man should always use a facial scrub. But their Glycolic Facial Cleanser will ensure your skin’s age won’t be marching ahead of you. Plus it really allows the above products to most effectively do their job by clearing the way. Everyone will notice.


Annick-Goutal-eau-de-toiletteThe majority—and I mean a full 80 percent of male fragrances have common “notes” that even the most unsophisticated nose recognizes. It’s OK to be a snob in the cologne department. Remember, we’ve set out to make a lasting impression. So, for even those that don’t wear fragrance regularly, it’s important to be memorable. But classy. And unique. Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien eau de toilette will not only say you know the best things in life, it will feel like a secret weapon every time you put some on. People will be drawn to you—and it’s going to be awesome. For the more conservative days, spray once above your navel, then place both wrists over the puddle. Then place your scented wrists just behind your ear area. Still a bit hesitant? Eau D’Hadrien Shower Gel or Soap will help you kick start your own personal scent. Taking their matching Scented Candle to bed is yet another way to achieve that can’t-miss attraction.

Remember, it takes a real man to become a gentleman.


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