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Yes, You Can Defer Social Security Benefits With A Reverse Mortgage

Defer Social Security Benefits

As we reach retirement age, many of us will consider when the right time is to apply for Social Security benefits. With studies finding that most people lack the proper retirement savings, it can be a scary thought to wonder how you will manage to pay for your golden years. ...

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Yes, You Can Use A Reverse Mortgage For Medicare Surcharges

Medicare Advantage

A newly introduced Medicare income scale can make it more expensive to pay for Parts B and D when they go into effect in 2018. But newer reports, such as this one from Investment News, as are saying that it may make sense to use a reverse mortgage for Medicare ...

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4 Ways Social Security Could Change In Coming Years

social security

Social Security was created as a pay-as-you-go system that was supposed to last forever. But it’s not going to make it past the mid-2030s. We take a look at several things that could change in the aftermath. You Could Work longer Among the numerous ideas being proposed to fix Social ...

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Social Security 101, Literally

Social Security

Plan your strategy know and not be surprised For those contemplating retirement or planning your Social Security future, it’s time to put back on your student cap and study up. In this case, Andy Landis, a Seattle-based author and expert on Social Security, we’re talking math class and time. He ...

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“Zombie” Social Security Benefits Are Both Dead And Alive

Social security

Happy Halloween – here’s how to increase lifetime payout with these not-so-scary benefits. Who thought there would be a connection between Social Security and Halloween? Andy Landis, a former Social Security Administration claims administrator an author of Social Security: The Inside Story, says there is, and he’s coined a term ...

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Expert Debunks 5 Reasons People Think They Should Take Social Security Early

Social Security

It pays (big) to wait, yet many are led astray. Let’s say you’ve worked hard, saved as much as you can for retirement, and are counting on your Social Security benefit to supplement that. Now, think about changing that. Stat. Nearly half of Americans taking their Social Security when they ...

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6 Social Security Tips Everyone Should Know

Social Security tips

Social Security can be obscure and confusing. If you have ever tried to read through the countless pages of obfuscating text, then you would most certainly agree. But, thanks to some helpful breakdowns, such as those which will be offered here, there are some Social Security tips that we can ...

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5 Social Security Basics

social security basics

Social Security can be a very complex system to understand. With thousands of pages documenting it that seem to be written in an ancient Egyptian text, for those of us who are unfamiliar with sand script, it can be downright baffling. We’ll do our best to break down five of ...

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