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Yes, You Can Defer Social Security Benefits With A Reverse Mortgage

Defer Social Security Benefits

As we reach retirement age, many of us will consider when the right time is to apply for Social Security benefits. With studies finding that most people lack the proper retirement savings, it can be a scary thought to wonder how you will manage to pay for your golden years. ...

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Social Security Benefit: Divorced? You May Be Able to Tap Your Ex’s!

Divorce Social Security Benefits

If you were married for more than 10 years, here’s how you can claim your Ex’s Social Security benefit. You may not have spoken to your ex-spouse in a decade (and have no interest in doing so!) but, even years after your divorce, you could actually benefit from it financially. And ...

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Debunked! Three Common Social Security Myths Ripped Apart

Social Security benefits

A variety of Social Security myths populate the internet, often fed by either misinformation or misunderstanding. But many of them actually bear no clout. We’ll explain why. If you have been researching Social Security benefits, chances are that you’ve been able to dig up troves of Social Security myths that ...

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Regarding Social Security Benefits, What Widows And Ex-Spouses Must Know

Social Security benefits spouse died

If you’re a widow or an ex-spouse, read this story carefully before it impacts your Social Security benefits. Social Security benefits are majorly important—on that point everyone can agree. You may be a dualie, and you don’t even know it. The problem with that lack of knowledge is that it ...

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Who Gets The Maximum Social Security Benefits ?

social security max benefits

If you’re like a lot of Americans 50+ who left the workforce at the full retirement age, you’re not getting your social security max. This is an issue that a lot of retirees are dealing with, knowing and unknowingly. Some don’t realize that they aren’t getting their maximum benefit. As ...

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Three Fixes for Social Security

Social security claims

A lot of retirees aren’t getting enough Social Security benefits to cover their life expenses. Today, we are seeing a major shortage in Social Security funds, which prevents retirees from getting paid their full benefits. Workers who earn up to $118,500 are paying 6.2 percent in payroll tax and employers ...

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Surprising Trigger May Determine When Social Security Benefits Occur

Social Security benefits

Social Security benefits may be being claimed because of specific psychological traits. For all the published information, expert analysis and calculators when it comes to Social Security, a person’s psychological traits may determine their timetable for taking the benefits. Future retirees have been bombarded with columns and articles and interviews ...

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