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Report Card: How Your Congressman Rates In Helping Older Americans


A new report from the Alliance for Retired Americans rates all members of Congress. Even though Congress has gotten very little done in the past couple of years, progressive and conservative groups alike continue to rate them for their votes even if a stalemate is preventing any legislation from becoming ...

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Tips For Surviving A Stroke

Dial 9-1-1 on the first onset of a stroke

Seniors with Cardiovascular Problems and Surviving a Stroke If you are a senior citizen with cardiovascular problems, then you will definitely want to learn about surviving a stroke. This can spur up on you at any moment, which can be a scary thing, especially if you have had one before. ...

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Do You Have Adult ADHD?

It's not only children that can be diagnosed with ADHD, even senior citizens can have this disease later in life and never know it.

ADHD Symptoms for Adults By now, many people have heard of ADHD. But in case you are unfamiliar with the term ADHD it stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is a condition that keeps children from learning efficiently and developing properly. ADHD actually comes in three different forms: inattention, ...

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Superfoods: What To Eat

Super foods are great for you at any age.

Superfoods are Super Healthy Superfoods are foods that are packed with many vitamins and minerals that can help to sustain a great, healthy body at any age. While these superfoods are targeted toward making the lives of seniors healthier, these are superfoods that anyone can eat. Apples: Apples contain many ...

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Healthy Living: 10 Tips

Elderly woman enjoying some extreme sports.

The 10 Best Health Tips For Seniors These are the Top 10 Health Tips for anyone 65 or older Your senior years are indeed your golden years… So why limit your enjoyment and happiness with poor health and well being. With a few helpful health tips for seniors to use, ...

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Why Your Knees Causing You Problems

Doctor administering a pressure test on a senior patient's knee

What you need to know A common problem among seniors is knee problems. This should not be too surprising since we use our knees for just about everything that we do, even more so for things we do in a standing position such as climbing, walking, running and of course ...

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Life Insurance: Why You Need It

Life Insurance

Insurance Policies for Senior Citizens Perhaps one of the most important aspects of protecting your legacy is having a senior life insurance policy. While some seniors may very well scoff at the notion, life insurance is a helpful supplementary insurance that can cover your final expenses and ensure that your ...

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NY Times Article Challenged By The Mortgage Professor


A mortgage professor challenged a NY Times article that was published in an op-ed earlier this week. Jack Guttentag, a Wharton School emeritus finance professor who is widely known in the mortgage business world as The Mortgage Professor has stated that the story published in October 15th NY times newspaper ...

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How To Start A Business

Starting a business

Starting a Business & Senior Citizen Entrepreneurs Some may think that entrepreneurship is for the youngsters, but over the past decade, the amount of senior citizen entrepreneurs starting businesses has risen. With the way the economy is going and the disadvantage that senior citizens have in the job market, starting ...

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