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New Reverse Mortgage Rules Can Ease Concerns With Borrowers

New reverse mortgage rules

The industry is shifting boundaries, and for the better. The new reverse mortgage rules are helping to alleviate previous concerns regarding these HECM home loans. This sudden turn of events is helping to remove any stigmas that are associated with these loans. According to a report from the Center for ...

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May Was A Big Month For Reverse Mortgage Securities

reverse mortgage securities

May marked a new, big month for HECM reverse mortgage securities, or HECM mortgage-backed securities (HMBS). According to the most recent reports, $857 million in new pools were created during May alone, says a New View Advisors report. April capped off at $775 million respectively, but was unable to top ...

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Reverse Mortgage Popularity On The Rise

reverse mortgage popularity

Following years of negative reports that focused on the downsides of this industry, it seems that reverse mortgage popularity is finally on the rise. A recent NY Times report concurs this evolving, positive mantra behind these HECM loans, with experts citing that home equity is an increasingly important asset to ...

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About To Retire? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Reverse Mortgage Home Loan

Reverse Mortgage Home Loan

Retirees in today’s market have many things to consider. Namely, what does the future hold and will you have enough income and assets to persevere. Aside from any investments, savings and assets that you have, a commonly overlooked but beneficial method may be your home equity. Can a reverse mortgage ...

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4 Reasons Retirees Should Consider An HECM Reverse Mortgage

HECM reverse mortgage

Just how prepared are you for retirement and do you really have enough savings set aside to make it comfortably through your golden years? While planning and saving early on is the key, the reality is that inflation, unforeseeable living expenses and medical expenses and hidden bills can really set ...

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14% Of Retirees Consider A Reverse Mortgage, New Study Finds

considering a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages have grown in popularity in recent years as more retirees seek to cash out their home equity and secure their lifestyle and financial freedom during their golden years. A reverse mortgage is a special kind of HECM loan that allows American homeowners age 62 and older to borrow ...

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HUD Says New Reverse Mortgage Updates Are Good For Everyone


According to a new report that was issued by the Department of Housing and Urban development (HUD), the newest reverse mortgage updates on the rules and laws have worked out for the better and to the positive benefit of both borrowers and lenders. New changes to the Home Equity Conversion ...

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