Saturday , February 22 2020
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Retirement Survey Finds 60% Of Retirees Lack Proper Funds

Retirement Survey

It’s official: most people do not feel that confident about their retirement, and a new survey that was outlined in Yahoo Finance confirms this. Just 6 out of 10 people are prepared for retirement these days, according to the retirement survey results. In a polled that was conducted by Nielsen, ...

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Can You Use A Reverse Mortgage For Investment Protection Strategy?

Reverse Mortgage For Investment Protection

The media has changed its tone on reverse mortgages in recent months, namely after new laws passed that protect the homeowners and reduce the chance of foreclosure or eviction. The new reverse mortgage laws also make these home loans more viable as an investment protection strategy, too. With the availability ...

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New Reverse Mortgage Laws Should Positively Benefit Retirement Planning, Experts Say

reverse mortgage laws

If you are pursuing retirement planning and preparing for when you eventually leave the workforce, it’s smart to be aware of any changes that could potentially affect your grand plan. In recent years, a lot of older Americans have looked to a reverse mortgage as one of their retirement tools. ...

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