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Excuse The Gloom, But Boomers – Your Retirement Savings Is Taking A Hit

Retirement Planning

A chief financial analyst worries about retirement post-recession Baby Boomers are still struggling to recover from the Great Recession, which is big time putting their retirement in jeopardy. The result? Working longer and lowering expectations of what their golden years will be like. A new survey from paints a ...

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Enhancing Your Plan with a Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculato

Wondering where you stand with your retirement savings plan? It never hurts to use a retirement savings calculator to find out and better plan for the future that’s certain to come. What do your retirement savings look like? Knowing how the future might shape out is something that we can ...

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Good News: You May Have Enough Retirement Savings After All—Who Knew?


Your retirement savings may just cover you enough according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Now for a completely different view on retirement savings… We’ve heard all the dire warnings about how many Americans don’t have nearly enough of savings for retirement and are going to run out of money ...

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Retirement Savings Gets A Boost From Feds’ New 401(k) Rules

Retirement savings

Your retirement savings were helped by the federal government’s just announced increases to the contributions of 401(k) plans. For those looking to focus more on their retirement savings in 2015, the federal government has announced rule changes and is the process of implementing a new investment program by the end ...

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Reverse Mortgage Or Downsizing Could Be Best Financial Option

Reverse Mortgage or downsizing

Reverse mortgage or downsizing are increasingly the best, financially-sound alternatives for many older Americans. It’s time to rethink reverse mortgages or downsizing. It really is. That’s the push coming more and more from retirement experts as people deal with their lack of retirement savings. About a quarter of people 55 ...

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The Lack Of Retirement Savings Means You Should Consider A Reverse Mortgage

Retirement Savings

With retirement savings not nearly enough to live on, opting for a reverse mortgage almost becomes imperative. America’s retirement savings news is grim. Half of workers in the US are at risk of not maintaining their standard of living when they retire. Some 48 percent of those 55 to 64 ...

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Retirement Savings Crisis At Center Of Author Eric Brotman’s Predictions

A financial expert is latest to sound the alarm on this country’s retirement savings crisis. When it comes to retirement savings, Eric Brotman says the nation is in trouble. Brotman, president and managing principal of Baltimore-based Brotman Financial Group and author of Retire Wealthy, says half of the country couldn’t ...

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The More You Save For Retirement, You’re Better Off Financially And Emotionally


New surveys confirm the fairly obvious: The more money you have for retirement, the better. When it comes to retirement, there is definitely a divide between the “haves” and “have nots.” A survey shows 26 percent of those 50 to 64 haven’t saved a dime for retirement and 14 ...

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Social Security: How Are We Going To Cope With America’s Retirement Crisis?


With a code red level retirement crisis around the corner, everyone has to act now to avert disaster. America has a looming retirement crisis. A big one. When half of today’s working families are at risk of not being able to maintain their standard of living when they retire as ...

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Social Security: How To Not Pay Bills With Your Benefits Check


Author Thomas Rood has devised an investment system that frees your Social Security check to do with what you please. Thomas Rood says older Americans shouldn’t have to rely on their monthly Social Security benefits to pay their bills once they retire. Rood, the author of Paycheck Independence Day: Learn ...

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