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6 Things To Know Before You Buy That RV

RV buying tips

What you don’t know before you buy that RV could come back to haunt you. It’s an exciting and huge purchase that should be carefully pursued. A lot of people get so lost up in the excitement that they sometimes overlook a few things in the meanwhile. Make sure you ...

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Here’s Why Retirees Should Rethink The Benefits Of Reverse Mortgages

Benefits Of Reverse Mortgages

If you have not considered the benefits of reverse mortgages, here’s some food for thought. New rules have changed the game altogether, protecting borrowers more than ever before. For example, the amount of money that you can take out during the first 12 months is limited. Spouses who are under ...

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New Reverse Mortgage Laws Should Positively Benefit Retirement Planning, Experts Say

reverse mortgage laws

If you are pursuing retirement planning and preparing for when you eventually leave the workforce, it’s smart to be aware of any changes that could potentially affect your grand plan. In recent years, a lot of older Americans have looked to a reverse mortgage as one of their retirement tools. ...

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Top 5 Must-Ask, Pre-Retirement Questions For All Baby Boomers


Let’s create the ultimate plan on how to spend your retirement years: We always strategize when we’re young. That includes what school to attend, what to study, and what career to embark on. Many think about getting married and how many children they will have – even before they meet ...

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Social Security 101, Literally

Social Security

Plan your strategy know and not be surprised For those contemplating retirement or planning your Social Security future, it’s time to put back on your student cap and study up. In this case, Andy Landis, a Seattle-based author and expert on Social Security, we’re talking math class and time. He ...

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What Are You So Scared Of?

Identity Theft

Baby Boomers And Retirees Have Very Different Financial Fears Not surprisingly, the biggest financial situation Baby Boomers worry about is that they’re not going to be able to retire. Once they make it over the finish line and sail into retirement? Then they turn to identity theft, the number one ...

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Women Face An Alarming Gap In Retirement Savings

Retirement Planning Tips

Women score lower in investment knowledge and confidence. When it comes to preparing financially for retirement, women continue to lag behind men and need to step on the accelerator. In its annual report, California-based Financial Finesse, a financial education firm, found that there’s a 26 percent gap in the savings ...

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