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6 Things To Know Before You Buy That RV

RV buying tips

What you don’t know before you buy that RV could come back to haunt you. It’s an exciting and huge purchase that should be carefully pursued. A lot of people get so lost up in the excitement that they sometimes overlook a few things in the meanwhile. Make sure you ...

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How Much Money Do You Really Need To Save For Retirement?

save for retirement

How much money do you really need to save up for your retirement and are Americans really meeting this goal? According to a recent GoBankingRates survey that involved over 4,500 participants, 56% have $10,000 or less in savings, 28% aged 55 and up have none, and about 75% overall are ...

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7 Ways to Save Cash After You Retire

cash retirement save

According to a survey conducted by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, one-third of retirees are only somewhat confident about a financially secure retirement. Additionally, 14% claim to be not too confident, and 14% say they are not confident at all. These numbers are hardly encouraging. However, there are ways to change ...

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Retirement Survey Finds 60% Of Retirees Lack Proper Funds

Retirement Survey

It’s official: most people do not feel that confident about their retirement, and a new survey that was outlined in Yahoo Finance confirms this. Just 6 out of 10 people are prepared for retirement these days, according to the retirement survey results. In a polled that was conducted by Nielsen, ...

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Top 5 Must-Ask, Pre-Retirement Questions For All Baby Boomers


Let’s create the ultimate plan on how to spend your retirement years: We always strategize when we’re young. That includes what school to attend, what to study, and what career to embark on. Many think about getting married and how many children they will have – even before they meet ...

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Early Retirement Tips: Four Ways to Prepare in Advance

Early Retirement tips

Experts say that you should start planning for your retirement in your early 20s, but that rarely happens for most people. Instead, the average person waits until their mid-30s or early 40s to start saving up. According to HuffPo, the majority of Americans are simply unprepared for retirement. Reasonably so, ...

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