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Patriots Can Still Win With Jimmy Garoppolo In

Brady has given up on fighting his four-game suspension, but it’s not the end of things. His beleaguered Patriots team still has plenty of chances to win with seasoned backup Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm. The season opener will take place in Glendale, AZ, where Garoppolo will be leading the ...

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Johnny Manziel Is One & Done In The NFL

The beleaguered former NFL quarterback, Johnny Maziel, is likely finished with his NFL career. What began as something that had all of the potential in the world has been squandered on drugs and alcohol, partying and the occasional violent outburst. We all have our vices, and it sure doesn’t help ...

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Automatic Ejections In NFL Could Become Reality In 2016

It seems that the powers that be in the NFL are finally starting to get it: players do not get ejected enough. Period. You see far too many dirty plays, cheap shots, and penalties that go unabated, where players and teams are reprimanded with meager penalties and sometimes the occasional ...

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Open Letter – Dear NFL, Your Rules Could Use Some Tweaking

The National Football League’s 60-minutes of football has become an increasingly complex game. According to the NFL, there have been over 60 rule changes implemented since 1985. Given that propensity, the refs most certainly have their hands full, as do the players and their prospective coaches. Each year the powers ...

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Here Are Your NFL Divisional Round Playoffs Matches With Predictions

Divisional Round NFL Playoff Matchups

The NFL Divisional Round Playoffs are about to get underway. Starting on Saturday, we’ll get to see four teams from each conference duke it out to determine what two teams advance to the Conference Championships and inch their way one step closer to the Big Dance. Last week’s Wildcard Round ...

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NFL Playoff Picture: Broncos, Panthers No. 1 Seeds

The NFL season has just started, officially. What’s that you are thinking… but we’ve just played 16 games! The truth is that the only games of the season that count in the end are the postseason games. And really, it’s only wins that count after that. So in essence, for ...

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