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Choosing a Medicare Plan

Medicare Plan

Questions That Should Be Asked When Choosing A Medicare Plan Medicare is an important part of a healthy life as people start to age into their senior lives. It not only helps to cover many daily costs, it can come handy when one has to visit the emergency room or ...

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Having A Stylish Retirement

Stylish Retirement

Tips for Creating a Great Retirement Lifestyle Not everyone has a great retirement lifestyle to look forward to, especially if they don’t have a lavish cushion of funds to lie on. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a lifestyle after retirement that is enjoyable. Careful planning and the ...

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Healthy Foods In Moderation

Eating healthy foods

What Defines Healthy Foods? What you eat truly defines the type of health you will sustain and the foods that are healthy today might be considered unhealthy tomorrow. It becomes a rather annoying venture in life to keep up with what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Take nuts for ...

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Maintaining Your Health: Simple Medical Screening Tips for Women 50+

Senior Health Breast Imaging

Maintaining your health and prolonging your longevity requires medical screening Aside from living an active, healthy lifestyle, there are certain medical screenings that shouldn’t be avoided for women who are nearing the age of 50+. Screenings are relatively simple tests that most often involve blood work. In some cases, like ...

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Simple Tips For Staying Healthy After 50

healthy tips for seniors

Life can be short. That’s why there’s no good reason to decrease life expectancy by forgoing any required screenings that can help you to maintain optimal men’s health as you reach your golden years and the fleeting 50s. Use the simple tips and screening checklist that’s provided to you in ...

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