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Those Who’ve Maintained 401(k)s Since 2007 Have Done Well


Good retirement signs for those committed to IRAs For all the consternation about whether Americans are preparing enough for their retirement, it’s nice to get some good news on that front. Studies from the Employee Benefit Research Institute show that when people are committed, the average balance has increased significantly ...

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Is Your Future In Jeopardy? IRA And 401(k) Leakages Are Hurting Retirement Plans

IRA and 401(k) leakages hurting retirement

More and more Americans are putting their retirements in jeopardy by taking cash out of their 401(k)s plans and IRAs and not keeping their money invested. A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College warns of the growing problem that is worsened by people tapping funds after ...

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‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ Seems To Be Most People’s Unfortunate Retirement Plan

Retirement planning

Doesn’t anyone realize that “ignorance is bliss” is not a retirement plan? Ignorance is bliss — or is it? Based on the latest research, it sounds like financial planners and financial writers are spinning their wheels when it comes to convincing people to save for retirement. No matter their age ...

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The Latest Investment Trend? The Rapid Emergence Of 401(k) Millionaires

saving for retirement

401(k) millionaires have doubled in number since 2012 and there’s no slowing down in sight. Did you know that 401(k) millionaires is now a thing? Most of us don’t think about saving for retirement on a daily basis. We have it on automatic pilot in our workplace 401(k) plans in ...

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Coupled With A Strong Stock Market, Baby Boomers’ 401(k)s On The Rise

401(k) good investment

By putting more of their money towards retirement, baby boomers are experiencing their 401(k)s on the rise. Now for some good news: 401(k)s are on the rise. Baby boomers are setting aside more of their paycheck towards their 401(k) and coupled with a rising stock market, their balances are on ...

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Important Retirement Reminders: What To Include In Your To-Do List

Retirement Advice

When it comes to retirement reminders, don’t forget to keep crossing items off that important list. It’s time to prioritize your retirement reminders list. Before the age of smartphones, we used to post notes on a refrigerator for a reason. It was just a little reminder for something that’s important ...

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New Year, New Deadlines And New Limits For 401(k), IRA Plans

401(k) deadlines

Now’s the time to re-examine your 401(k) and IRA contribution preparing for retirement. We’re all getting ready for the holiday season with parties and shopping for last-minute presents, but there’s something we shouldn’t leave off our list Financial advisors urge those earnest in setting aside money for their retirement to ...

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Here’s A Great Stock Market Tip: Take Advantage Of Losses

Stock tips

When it comes to stock market tips, it’s always dangerous to follow—or ignore—the advice. What to do? Hot stock market tip: Rebalance and take advantage of losses in the stock market. That’s a takeaway from financial planners as they give year-end advice to those examining their financial portfolios in preparation ...

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