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Need a Confidence Boost? Your Retirement Plan Can Help

retirement plan, 401(k), IRA

Good news! Post-recession, people are more confidant than ever about their finances – but you’d better have a pension, 401(k), or IRA. If you want to feel confident about your ability to afford a retirement plan, you had best read this. That’s been a constant in looking at people who are ...

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Those Conflicting Reports On Retirement Income Are Explained Once And For All

Retirement savings

Retirement income studies that vary wildly can be summed up this way: The rich have more money stored away than it’s being reported; the rest of us don’t. There may be a twist on the topic of retirement income: Are America’s retirees better off financially than many of us think? ...

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Retirement Savings Gets A Boost From Feds’ New 401(k) Rules

Retirement savings

Your retirement savings were helped by the federal government’s just announced increases to the contributions of 401(k) plans. For those looking to focus more on their retirement savings in 2015, the federal government has announced rule changes and is the process of implementing a new investment program by the end ...

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Reverse Mortgage Or Downsizing Could Be Best Financial Option

Reverse Mortgage or downsizing

Reverse mortgage or downsizing are increasingly the best, financially-sound alternatives for many older Americans. It’s time to rethink reverse mortgages or downsizing. It really is. That’s the push coming more and more from retirement experts as people deal with their lack of retirement savings. About a quarter of people 55 ...

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The Lack Of Retirement Savings Means You Should Consider A Reverse Mortgage

Retirement Savings

With retirement savings not nearly enough to live on, opting for a reverse mortgage almost becomes imperative. America’s retirement savings news is grim. Half of workers in the US are at risk of not maintaining their standard of living when they retire. Some 48 percent of those 55 to 64 ...

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Another Frightening Story About Your 401(k) And Retirement—Brace Yourselves


401(k) investments are analyzed carefully at The Center for Retirement Research in Boston College and the results are eye opening. Another scary 401(k) story is upon us. With baby boomers retiring a daily basis, the outlook for how much people will have once they retire, isn’t showing any sign of ...

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Your Retirement Plan Needs More Than Money In The Bank—It Needs A Life

Retirement social security

Retirement expert insists that financial planning is only part of the next phase of your life. Getting a life is most important. With all the talk about retirement, the national focus is on how much to stash away in your 401(k) and IRA and when you should leave your job ...

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Social Security: When It Comes To Benefits, The Experts Agree—Delay, Delay


Social Security author Andy Landis agrees with the experts, one should always try to claim benefits as late as possible. When it comes to Social Security, the rule of thumb is to delay whenever possible. That means instead of taking Social Security at 62 or full retirement at 66 or ...

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