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Just 2.7% Of Americans Lead A Healthy Lifestyle, Study Finds

healthy lifestyle

America is not technically the fattest country in the world, but ranks in the top-10 routinely. It’s our addiction to junk food, fast food and sugary beverages that has our belts being loosened and sees our waist sizes expanding. Unsurprisingly, a new study has found that a meager 2.7% of ...

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Best Martial Art Styles For 50+

Martial Arts

Staying active is important at any age, here are some of the best martial art styles for people over 50. To start with, martial arts is another way of working out for a lot of people while learning how to defend, how to relax and how to clear the mind. ...

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Stress Relief: Simple Tips

Elderly woman laughing at her husbands funny joke.

Smart and Simple Tips for Stress Relief in American A lot of Americans need stress relief, especially those who work or have poor health. A study that was done by the American Psychological Association found that baby boomers, which are Americans between 48 and 66 and those individuals over 67, ...

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Men: Simple Tips For Staying Healthy

X-ray of a male senior citizen's arm.

Tips For Men For Staying Healthy Life can be short. That’s why there’s no good reason to decrease life expectancy by forgoing any required screenings that can help you to maintain optimal men’s health as you reach your golden years. Use these simple tips and screening checklist provided to you ...

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