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Financial Planning Tips: 4 Easy Ways to Save More Money

Financial Planning tips

In today’s world, with costs rising and your paycheck not drastically increasing each few months, it can be tough to save money. Pinching your pennies may go so far, but there are some simple changes that you can make in the meanwhile that can help you save even more. Be ...

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New Study Reveals That Stress About Retirement Is Very Real

Retirement stress

The more money you have saved, the less stress about retirement. Sounds logical to us. Stress about retirement is a very real phenomenon facing millions of Americans. When it comes to retirement, those middle-aged people who’ve yet to save $100,000 have higher anxiety about what lies ahead than those who’ve ...

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‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ Seems To Be Most People’s Unfortunate Retirement Plan

Retirement planning

Doesn’t anyone realize that “ignorance is bliss” is not a retirement plan? Ignorance is bliss — or is it? Based on the latest research, it sounds like financial planners and financial writers are spinning their wheels when it comes to convincing people to save for retirement. No matter their age ...

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When It Comes To Financial Planning, Americans Get A Big Fat “F”

Financial planning tips

More than 60 percent of Americans in survey receive failing grade about their own finances heading into retirement. This isn’t good, people. Financial planning needs to go to summer school. If older Americans had to take a test in understanding the finances picture for their retirement, they would be held ...

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Women In Retirement Must Be Creative, Financial Planners Insist In Urgent Manner

Women and Retirement

Women in retirement (or close to retirement) have to take control over the situation—and fast. When it comes to women in retirement, Melody Juge and other financial planners are worried and urge women to be creative. Juge, founder and managing director of Life Income Management, which is based in North ...

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Waiting To Cash In On Social Security Benefits Remains Best Strategy If Possible

Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are not being maximized by opting in at 62 instead of waiting until 70, if you’re able. Time to talk about Social Security benefits. Brace yourself. The Great Recession cost many older Americans their jobs and some companies continue to downsize and with it the higher salaries ...

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The Lack Of Retirement Savings Means You Should Consider A Reverse Mortgage

Retirement Savings

With retirement savings not nearly enough to live on, opting for a reverse mortgage almost becomes imperative. America’s retirement savings news is grim. Half of workers in the US are at risk of not maintaining their standard of living when they retire. Some 48 percent of those 55 to 64 ...

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Social Security Isn’t Nearly Enough To Retire On, Financial Author Warns


Since Social Security won’t suffice, Peter Murphy is adamant that the time to plan for our retirement was yesterday—so start right now. Here’s yet another Social Security crisis alert: Author Peter Murphy says today isn’t soon enough to plan and set your goals for retirement. With 40 percent of the ...

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