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Trumping Crazy: How Ben Carson Is Beating The Donald At His Own Game

2016 Presidential election

It’s official – the GOP’s need for a “non-coalition” candidate has left us with crazies.   Donald Trump has been top of the 2016 presidential election polls for a while now, but it was only a matter of time before one of the other guys in the race was going to ...

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Dear Pundits, Wake Up – Donald Trump Could Very Well Win The GOP Primary

Donald Trump

Bush’s attacking campaign reveals their fear of Trump winning. When are these pundits on television finally going to get it about Donald Trump? If I hear one more person compare his situation to when Rudy Giuliani led the polls in 2007 then went nowhere, or call it a summer fling ...

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World Markets Are In Freefall – So What Does This Mean For You?

long term investment

Don’t panic. Here’s your game plan. Investors didn’t like what they saw come Monday morning: The market had dropped more than 1,000 points to start the day after a news-worthy decline last week. China was to blame: A decline in the Chinese stock market and fears of the Chinese economy ...

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Snoozeville: Republicans Play Softball During First Round of Debates

GOP Debate 2016

Get the popcorn ready – but you want to wash it down with some strong booze (drinking game included). If you couldn’t sit through the two hours of the 2016 Republican Presidential Debate ‘Voters First’ Forum on CSPAN, not only do I understand, but I’ve got you covered. The event ...

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Trump TV Anyone?

Donald Trumop, next presidential election

Trump is the center of the universe right now – the other candidates’ only hope for headlines is a snappy comeback to his face during the debates. A day doesn’t go by when we don’t see one headline about who one of the Kardashians is dating or which one is ...

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Trump, You’re Fired! Or At Least Demoted – But It’s Your Own Damn Fault.

Donald Trump

Here’s what “sideshow” Donald Trump, self-proclaimed presidential candidate, now has in common with Kim Kardashian. The Huffington Post just made a bold and truly outstanding announcement today about “The Donald” and their coverage of him in this election cycle. In a joint announcement by Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim and ...

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Why Donald Trump Is The Perfect Spokesperson For The GOP

2016 presidential candidates

What Latino voters? Republicans can’t hide their racism anymore – because Trump is letting it all hang out on their behalf   Donald Trump has turned out to be the perfect spokesperson for the GOP. He says the things the Republicans (and especially the 2016 presidential candidates) think but are, ...

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Calling For a Trump Intervention

Donald Trump presidential election

His once-revered brand is getting damaged with nothing to gain by running in the next presidential election. I have to admit that watching Donald Trump dominate the political debate in this country right now has been fascinating to watch. The news media jumps at his every word, and it would ...

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