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The Lack Of Retirement Savings Means You Should Consider A Reverse Mortgage

Retirement Savings

With retirement savings not nearly enough to live on, opting for a reverse mortgage almost becomes imperative. America’s retirement savings news is grim. Half of workers in the US are at risk of not maintaining their standard of living when they retire. Some 48 percent of those 55 to 64 ...

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Retirement Savings Crisis At Center Of Author Eric Brotman’s Predictions

A financial expert is latest to sound the alarm on this country’s retirement savings crisis. When it comes to retirement savings, Eric Brotman says the nation is in trouble. Brotman, president and managing principal of Baltimore-based Brotman Financial Group and author of Retire Wealthy, says half of the country couldn’t ...

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When It Comes To Brain Health, Eternal Youth Is Possible, New Study Shows

Brain Health crossword

When spatial attention skills are exercised, brain health for older Americans improves dramatically. We may be getting older and can’t do the things we used to, but at least one part of our bodies isn’t showing ill effects with age—thanks to brain health. A new study from the University of ...

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Social Security: Why Everyone Should Seriously Consider ‘File And Suspend’


By triggering “file and suspend,” you can earn an additional tens of thousands of dollars from Social Security. Andy Landis says Social Security is like a new cell phone or computer. You know how to turn it on but do you know some of the hidden features in there? You ...

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