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Learning From The Past: Why House Congressional Leadership Fighting Is So Detrimental


Party fight is not good for the nation When did governing become a bad word? When I was a reporter just starting my career in Texas I had the chance to cover my first member of Congress at the launch of his political career in Washington, D.C. Dick Armey served ...

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Top 5 Must-Ask, Pre-Retirement Questions For All Baby Boomers


Let’s create the ultimate plan on how to spend your retirement years: We always strategize when we’re young. That includes what school to attend, what to study, and what career to embark on. Many think about getting married and how many children they will have – even before they meet ...

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Red wine benefits for those with diabetes

Red Wine Diabetes

It can help manage cholesterol and cardiac health. Do you have diabetes? Then you may benefit from drinking a glass of red wine and not even know it. A new study from researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev shows that drinking a glass of red wine every night can ...

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Social Security 101, Literally

Social Security

Plan your strategy know and not be surprised For those contemplating retirement or planning your Social Security future, it’s time to put back on your student cap and study up. In this case, Andy Landis, a Seattle-based author and expert on Social Security, we’re talking math class and time. He ...

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Those Who’ve Maintained 401(k)s Since 2007 Have Done Well


Good retirement signs for those committed to IRAs For all the consternation about whether Americans are preparing enough for their retirement, it’s nice to get some good news on that front. Studies from the Employee Benefit Research Institute show that when people are committed, the average balance has increased significantly ...

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“Zombie” Social Security Benefits Are Both Dead And Alive

Social security

Happy Halloween – here’s how to increase lifetime payout with these not-so-scary benefits. Who thought there would be a connection between Social Security and Halloween? Andy Landis, a former Social Security Administration claims administrator an author of Social Security: The Inside Story, says there is, and he’s coined a term ...

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Expert Debunks 5 Reasons People Think They Should Take Social Security Early

Social Security

It pays (big) to wait, yet many are led astray. Let’s say you’ve worked hard, saved as much as you can for retirement, and are counting on your Social Security benefit to supplement that. Now, think about changing that. Stat. Nearly half of Americans taking their Social Security when they ...

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Cutting Calories: Every Little Bit Does Count

cutting calories

Study shows that the benefit of even small reductions in calories Include lower blood pressure, cholesterol. A new study holds out hope that cutting our calories even by a little bit can help keep us healthier and extend our lives. The National Institutes of Health study published in the Journal of ...

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Baby Boomers: What Are You Thinking About?

baby boomers

Surprising findings about what older American are (and aren’t!) thinking about. Money, work, and health are what older Americans think about the most every day of their lives, says a survey by GoBankingRates, which interviewed more than 5,000 people of all ages. Among all Americans, money led the way with ...

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