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Reverse Mortgages: New Federal Rules Deemed As “Positive” By Industry Expert


Some of the new federal rules governing reverse mortgages are ‘positive’ says published author and expert. The growing number of baby boomers retiring on a daily basis and the realization that they don’t have enough money from 401(k)s or IRAs to take care of themselves in their old age will ...

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Investments: Why Your Wall Street Portfolio Is In It For The Long Haul


When it comes to your investment portfolio and stocks, patience is indeed a virtue. Everyone talks about the rebound in the stock market as a reason for everyone to celebrate but have forgotten, apparently, that when the market tanked in early 2009 the darkest of predictions seemed possible. A likely ...

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Social Security: To Stretch Benefits, Some Turn To ‘The Golden Girls’ For Solutions


Looking for a roommate situation has become a viable option to help stretch out the monthly Social Security check. When Bonnie Moore and her husband bought an old house in Maryland in suburban Washington, DC, she thought it would be their retirement home. They undertook an expensive remodel and while ...

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The Real Reason Why We Write So Much About Social Security


When it comes to Social Security, Complete Senior covers all the angles to maximize your return. There’s nothing more important I can do as a writer and Now It Counts can do as a media outlet than help our readers make the best financial decisions when it comes to their retirement. ...

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Social Security: Americans Think They Know, But They Don’t


Most people believe they understand how Social Security works—and they don’t. Americans know less about Social Security than they think they do. That’s the assessment of California-based Financial Engines, a defined contribution managed account provider that surveyed 1,000 retirees and near-retirees between the ages of 55 and 70. It found ...

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401(k) Plans Here To Stay


401(k) Plans are here to stay When companies started 401(k) plans in the early 1980’s and they grew in popularity, conventional wisdom emerged that it would serve as a panacea to help seniors in retirement. Company pensions were on the way out and the investment vehicle under the IRS code ...

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401(k): Are You Gambling With Retirement?


Gambling with Retirement A recent Congressional Survey of Consumer Finances showed that the average 401k balance for 65 year olds in the U.S. is roughly $61,000. That’s only about two years worth of retirement income, and statistically, retirees need about 17 years worth of retirement income after age 65. This ...

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