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What Would Grandma Say? Retirees Give Financial Advice To The Younger Generations

Retirement planning advice

Learn from their mistakes. Biggest regret? A general lack of funds. Grandma and Grandpa have some stern advice for the younger generation: learn from their mistakes. Now that they’ve reached retirement, they’re finding that a lack of funds is their biggest dissatisfaction, and they strongly urge younger Americans to open ...

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Wall Street Chaos! A Wakeup Call For Those With 401(k)s

Retirement Funds

Real 401(k) advice from an investor you can actually understand. The recent Wall Street roller coaster should be a wakeup call for those counting on their 401(k) for retirement funds. A recent Charles Schwab survey says that only 58 percent know how much they should save for a comfortable retirement. ...

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Americans’ Love Affair With Their 401k plan – Cherished Even More Than Losing A Few Pounds

401(k) plan

Most say they’d think twice about taking a job without one. Americans love their 401(k)s. We love them so much that the growth in those investment accounts for our retirement is more important than our health. Those are the findings in a survey by Charles Schwab of 1,000 workers with ...

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World Markets Are In Freefall – So What Does This Mean For You?

long term investment

Don’t panic. Here’s your game plan. Investors didn’t like what they saw come Monday morning: The market had dropped more than 1,000 points to start the day after a news-worthy decline last week. China was to blame: A decline in the Chinese stock market and fears of the Chinese economy ...

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Exclusive: 401(k) Pitfalls and Practical Investing Advice For Americans Around That Crucial Age of 50

Retirement planning

Americans are still falling short in retirement – newest measures help only the rich. Americans are woeful at saving for retirement – and there’s only so much the government can do about that. And that’s why the newest changes in tax policy (plus newer ideas currently being tossed) can’t make ...

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Need a Confidence Boost? Your Retirement Plan Can Help

retirement plan, 401(k), IRA

Good news! Post-recession, people are more confidant than ever about their finances – but you’d better have a pension, 401(k), or IRA. If you want to feel confident about your ability to afford a retirement plan, you had best read this. That’s been a constant in looking at people who are ...

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401 What? Four Common 401(k) Myths Debunked

401k myths

With a variety of retirement options available, lots of people choose to invest their savings in a 401(k). And there are plenty of 401(k) myths that have surfaced in recent times as a direct result. We’ll debunk a few of the most common ones to help make more sense of ...

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Is Your Future In Jeopardy? IRA And 401(k) Leakages Are Hurting Retirement Plans

IRA and 401(k) leakages hurting retirement

More and more Americans are putting their retirements in jeopardy by taking cash out of their 401(k)s plans and IRAs and not keeping their money invested. A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College warns of the growing problem that is worsened by people tapping funds after ...

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