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Study Finds Moderate Exercise May Reduce Cancer Risk

A new study published in JAMA has found that moderate daily exercise can help reduce cancer risk with 26 different types of cancers, including the deadliest forms.

The study noted that even moderate exercise consisting of just a few hours per week is enough to substantially reduce the risk of contracting a variety of cancers. Notably, a short weekly workout can reduce the risk of contracting lung, colon and breast cancer, the study said.

After studying 1.4 million adults, researchers at University of North Carolina found that participants who exercised for 75 to 150 minutes per week had lowered risk of contracting 26 different cancer types. In addition to the three that are listed above, these include: leukemia, myeloma, Esophagal cancers, liver, kidney, stomach, endometrium, rectum, bladder, and head and neck cancers.

Moderate exercise can be obtained in many forms. From something as basic as walking to jogging, tennis, lap swimming, hiking and other heart healthy activities.

Currently, experts say that over 50% of Americans are not exercising enough. By combining the data of several American and European agencies, adults aged 19 to 98 were studied.

The study concluded that consistent physical activity reduced risk of cancer by as much as 42%. In all, consistent physical activity reduced cancer risk by 7%.

According to the study’s findings, moderate exercise reduces your risk of esophageal cancer by 42%, breast cancer by 10%, colon cancer by 16% and lung cancer by 26%, to name a few.

Experts think that moderate exercise helps regulate hormonal levels that are intrinsically linked to increased cancer risk. It also helps control insulin levels that have been linked to cancer growths, too.

Those who are frequently physically active usually have less inflammation, the study noted, and the cells in the body are less stressed and better capable of repairing damaged cells and DNA.

If you ever needed a reason to start working out and to stay in shape, perhaps life itself is the only reason that you really need. A simple daily workout could indeed prolong your life while helping you shed unwanted excess weight and tone up.

Simple exercises to consider include: yoga, bicycling, walking, jogging, hiking, swimming and more.

Just 20 minutes per day could help you prevent 26 types of cancer. That seems to be 20 minutes that’s worth spending on your wellbeing.

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