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Stress Relief: Simple Tips

Smart and Simple Tips for Stress Relief in American

A lot of Americans need stress relief, especially those who work or have poor health. A study that was done by the American Psychological Association found that baby boomers, which are Americans between 48 and 66 and those individuals over 67, have higher levels of stress. The study also shows that millennials (people between 18 and 33) have the most stress, but 29% of matures and 33% of boomers say their stress levels have increased within the past year. Stress relief is possible and it doesn’t take hiring a psychologist or spending money on expensive gadgets and supplements. Take a look at these easy ways to lower your stress levels.

Laughter is the Key to Happiness

Many people know how beneficial laughter is, but did you know that it is proven to lower your stress. Laughter is known to have positive effects on the body such as bringing down stress and increasing your heart rate, as well as lowering blood pressure. The release of tension that it allows enhances blood flow to your heart and other important organs. It can possibly even influence blood sugar levels too.

Eating Oranges for Stress Relief

We know that eating oranges improves the immune system to fight off colds, but did you know that it could reduce stress as well? Eating oranges can lower your blood pressure when you are feeling stressed out. If you ever feel anxiety approaching, just peel and orange or eat some blueberries and strawberries, which are also rich in vitamin C.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The environment that you’re in plays a big role in your stress levels. Studies done by the University of Edinburgh show that people who are surrounded by more green space such as being in a park or walking tree-lined sidewalks have less stress than people who are urbanites. This doesn’t mean you have to be an avid outdoorsman; just five minutes outside each day can be enough to lower your stress.

Rub Yourself with Rose Oil

A study that was conducted by Srinakharinwirot University showed that people who rubbed rose oil on their skin had lower breathing rates and blood pressure. They also claimed to feel more relaxed. The subjects in the study wore masks, so that they wouldn’t have to smell the scent of the oil.

Walk into a Different Room

This may seem a bit strange, but it does work. By switching up your environment, you can switch your thought process. This allows you to think of something else, which can be helpful if the prior thoughts were causing stress. When you walk into a different room, your brain views it as a new event and resets itself forgetting all about what was going on before.

These surprising stress relievers are easy to do on your own time, so make sure to give them a try. Maybe you will find one or more these tips beneficial in giving you the relief that you deserve!

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