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Men’s Shaving: Put Down The Blade

Even true blade fanatics should make room for an electric shaver in their shaving arsenal.

When Braun introduced one of the most advanced electric shavers more than 15 years ago, not only could they be used in the shower, at the office or on a plane, “wet and dry” shavers also produced an incredibly close shave without irritation. Enter the 2015 model Braun Series 7—a definite contender in switching men from a blade razor to an electric.

So why do so many men still insist on using only a blade in their quest for achieving the perfect shave?

The germ factor alone should have done it. Braun’s cleaning technology included its own upright storage stand that cuddled the shaver in its very own “washing cradle,” hence, revolutionizing sterilization and hygienic operation each time the shaver started the day or night. Dirty tools could cause breakouts and bacterial infections, and the electric shaver forever changed how men touch their face and with what.

Yet even to this day, many men forgo an electric shaver completely. But I implore you at the very least, trust an electric shaver as a last resort because of an old blade, or for when you can’t spare the time standing still at the bathroom mirror—knowing speed shaving could cause nicks or cuts.

Truth is, I still have that original Braun Wet and Dry. And it gets the job done when I’m not in the mood to endure all the steps of a true razor blade shave.

So, a decade-and-a-half later, how far has technology come since Braun’s first revolutionary Wet and Dry Shaver housed in a cleaning and charging stand?

A lot.

BRAUN Series-7The “look” of Braun Series 7 is much smarter and sleeker and is a bit more compact. But the major conveniences are an LCD display screen and Braun’s most advanced Clean & Renew system, with a Fast Clean function, which cleans the shaver in 25 seconds. With a sizeable punch list of very detailed design and function enhancements, it all comes down to a very close, smooth shaving experience that doesn’t drag or irritate skin. A few of my most noticeable improvements are the Sensitive Flexing Head, which is “three times more sensitive to adapt to the contour of the face, and has six times more flexing action on the foils” than other Braun shavers. The Patented Power Comb Technology is also a problem solver, lifting problem hairs that lie flat to the skin to avoid missed hairs in hard to shave areas.

Series 7 is available in three models, depending on how important an advanced cleaning stand, rapid clean capabilities, or the number of LED display options are to you and sells for a suggested retail price ranging from $229 to $289.

Every man should have a great electric razor as a backup, and the updated classic Braun 7 Series is one you’ll have for a long time, and just might find yourself relying on the razor’s closeness more and more. Best part? Your ultra close shaver can go anywhere your mobile life goes. Shaving in bed. The kitchen. The office. Braun Series 7 is tailor-made for you.

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