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Assisted Living: Here Are The Factors to Consider

When to consider assisted living

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they may not be as agile and able-bodied as they once were. The very nature and inclination of the human spirit is one that is derived from the moniker of intrinsically undeniable freedom. Naturally, when the time does arrive where we find ourselves not as capable as we once were, there can be a certain amount of hesitancy in regard to admitting that we might benefit from assisted living services. Most certainly, senior living is filled with a plethora of joys that simply can’t be overlooked. However, at the same time, being cognizant of your physical and medical limitations and knowing that eventually you may benefit from having assisted living services can better help you know when it’s time to take the next step.

Quality of Life

The most assured method of gauging whether or not you might require assisted living services is by rating your overall quality of life. A few metrics to consider here include asking the following questions pertaining to overall quality of life:

  • Are you able to complete your regular household chores such as doing your own laundry, cooking your meals, and cleaning your own home?
  • Are you able to bathe and keep yourself clean?
  • Are you still able to make it to and from daily errands like to the store, the doctor or the dentist?
  • Are you of sound mental mind and do you still possess a substantial amount of clarity, as opposed to being bereft with forgetfulness and absentmindedness?
  • Do you still retain ability to perform the aforementioned tasks as testament that you are still able to live an independent and rich life?

Overall Mobility

Mobility is a large issue as we age. Since we cannot be young forever, our limbs, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are all subjected to and prone to the aging process. Mobility is greatly impeded upon with age and some seniors simply are not nearly as mobile as they once were. Consider mobility factors like getting around the house, making a bed, or simple tasks like getting a drink of water to better gauge the quality of senior living.

Medical Needs

Some seniors may suffer from certain medical issues that require frequent medical care. Other seniors may have certain associated medical risk factors that could place them in a precarious indisposition if they did not have access to medical treatment at all hours of the day. These factors easily wager whether or not senior living is better accompanied by assisted living services.

Key Signs Assisted Living is Necessary

There are some key signs that assisted living services are necessary for a senior loved one in your family:

  • Inability to drive or use public transportation.
  • Serious medical issues that could result in injury or fatality.
  • Inabilities to bathe, do the laundry, cook or clean.
  • Lack of mental clarity or related mental diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Depression, loneliness, and frequent lethargy.
  • Reduced mobility.

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