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Dating? Overcoming The Jitters

Overcome your dating anxiety as a Senior

Senior dating and the omnipresent first date is a touchy-feely mental topic. Most people become more anxious over a first date than they do over a job interview, even taking their driver’s test at the DMV. This common pre-date anxiety is not entirely unfounded, either. Think about it, when you are getting ready for a first date, there are so many questions that populate your cortex that it’s virtually unimaginable. Most people fret over the outfit they are going to wear to matching accessories and how their breath smells, their outwardly appearance, the type of fragrance they will wear, how empowered and confident they feel, the way their hair looks, and the list goes on and on. Here are some rather simple suggestions regarding senior dating that can go a long way in easing these commonly experienced anxiety attacks.

The First Date is a Double Interview

Think of your first date as a dual interview. That will help you mentally level the playing field in this respect. Senior dating is no different than any other kind of dating. No matter the extensity of the duress that you might feel in your preparations for said date, chances are equally in favor that your date is encumbered by similar thoughts, too. So it’s best to think of your first date from both respects. You are both interviewing each other, trying to break the ice and find a common ground and relative similar interests. For as anxious (and eager) as you might be, rest assured that the person you are meeting is equally so. Therefore, your first senior dating tip here is to relax, be yourself and worry not. After all, it’s just a date.

Customize the Date to Allude to Commonly Shared Interests

The purpose of the first date is to share (or try to) vested common interests ranging from personality to politics, religion, hobbies, and so forth. So why not try to come up with a date that alludes to your shared common interests. Your second senior dating tip is to be original and creative with your date. If you both enjoy a murder-mystery dinner theater play, then head there. If you are fond of fondue, then you may visit your local melting pot. The sky is the limit here, so be imaginative.

Consider Double Dating

If anxiety besets you and you are still uncertain, why not set up a double-date to ease the tensions? Studies show that double dating is a profound way of reducing anxiety levels amongst daters. As your third senior dating tip in this article, why not pair up with a friend and hit the town together for a dating adventure that will be invigorating.

Have an Exit Strategy

Look, you can’t expect all dates to go off without a hitch. And that’s okay. Dating is a process, so keep that in mind. Certainly, it would be rather nice to score a homerun on your first outing. But that is sometimes highly unlikely. So make sure that you have a polite exit strategy planned that allows you to easily end the date. As the final senior dating tip offered here, be sure that you don’t expect every date to be a winner: If you have a well planned exit strategy in mind, you can easily walk away from a bad date and live to date another day.

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