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Senior Travel Tips

Travel: Read Before You Go

Americans over 50 who are planning a trip afar, should have their vacation carefully planned out ahead of time. Even in perfect health, having your travels organized will make things a lot easier. Here is a look into what senior citizens can do to make their trip as seamless as possible.

Plan Ahead

Knowing your moves and plans before your trip will take a lot of potential headaches out of your vacation. If you’re not so great at planning, you can hire a travel agent that specializes in senior travels to assist you. The Internet is a great place to find deals on destinations and to book trips that allow you to take along requirements, such as an eye dog and wheelchair. These will require special arrangements to be made with the airline that you decide to fly with. Travelers insurance is another option that senior citizens need to have. The plan you choose should cover pre-existing illnesses that you have.

Packing for Your Travels

It’s a good idea to carry on a bag that will contain everything needed for your flight, such as snacks, drinks, medications, etc. Pill boxes that can be prefilled for each day of the week will help you keep track of your medication intake throughout your trip. A stop watch that will remind you to take your meds could come in handy, especially since your mind will likely be preoccupied with your vacation.


Being disabled no longer means that you have to be stuck at home or even in your country. Disabled people should get in touch with local airports to determine services offered for the disabilities that you have. This could be seating arrangements, shuffle services or providing special meals. You should be sure that your flights are non-stop, so that you don’t have to worry about waiting hours for another flight to arrive midway.

Visit Your Doctor Before Your Trip

It’s a good idea to have a medical checkup with your physician before you plan to go on your trip. This is especially necessary if you have a chronic condition such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. Make sure to bring along a letter from your doctor that describes your condition, the medications you take and your prescribed dosages, in case you need medical attention while away. Ask your doctor about when to take your medications, especially if you will be in a different time zone.

Packing the Right Clothes

The last thing you want is to get to another country and you have the wrong type of clothing to wear. Make sure to research the city you want to visit to ensure that you have the right gear. Also, you should ensure that the clothes and shoes you bring along are comfortable. Compression stockings should be taken along because it will help to stimulate circulation when sitting for a long time on flights.

Working Out

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t get a good work out while you’re there. Make sure to do light activities that will keep your joints, muscles and circulation going strong.  You should get up during your flight, so that you can keep your blood flowing and joints from locking up. You will also need to maintain a healthy diet that is suggested by your physician and drink plenty of water. Caffeine drinks and alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

Take Extra Care of Yourself

Make sure to safeguard yourself from getting infections. Clean any wounds right away and if needed have them treated professionally. Also, wash your hands or use hand sanitizers regularly, especially after leaving crowded or public places like airplanes, restaurants and public restrooms.

Information You Must Have

Information you should carry on you at all times while on your trip include:

  • Your doctor’s phone number
  • Your travel agent’s phone number
  • U.S. embassy’s phone number
  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Your airline’s phone number

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