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Senior Citizens can find many discounts at restaurants including IHOP

Adult Discounts To Enjoy

Discounts for Senior Citizens

Getting old doesn’t always have to be tied to dismal views, especially with all of the great senior citizen discounts that are available all throughout the year. If you are 55 years old or older, you can use your senior citizen status and keep more money in your pocket. There are a couple of companies that offer special discounts to senior citizens, which we will learn about below.

Senior Citizen Discounts for Groceries

Likely, you’re an avid coupon clipper, which means you could use the extra savings. To help bring down the cost of your groceries, you can find a variety of grocery stores that offer special discounts for items. Depending on where you live, you can find senior citizen discounts at Pathmark (5% off $30 or more), Kroger and Albertsons (10% off on certain days).

Eat Out with Family for Cheaper

You no longer have to regret turning down invitations to go out to eat because of your slim budget (or pride that won’t allow you to accept family paying for your meals) because you can find a variety of restaurants that offer senior citizen discounts, including Subway, which offers 10% off. You can also enjoy a hot breakfast at IHOP and receive the same deal. Some restaurants have a senior discount menu and deals like 50% for dinner on certain nights. For fast food, which shouldn’t be consumed too often, also offer 10% senior citizen discounts, like at Wendy’s.

Travel Near or Far for Less

You’ll find that traveling as a senior citizen can prove to be a lot cheaper than in your younger days. If you are trying to plan a get-away for your next anniversary, why not go to the Carnival Cruise Line? They are offering $100 savings for senior citizens. But they aren’t the only ones offering such deals, so make sure to check around. If you don’t want to travel by sea, then you can do so by land through Amtrak, which offers a 15% discount when you travel with your grandkids during the weekend (for the lowest fare) and the children get a 50% discount. You have to be 62+ for this discount. Also while you’re on your trips, make sure to ask hotels about discounts for senior citizens. A lot of airlines can give you great deals as well.

Bring More Attractions in Your Life

Being retired means having lots of time to do the things that you want to enjoy doing. If you are someone who enjoys national parks, camping, and the great outdoors then you’ll find great senior citizen discounts for passes. Many parks, like the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, offer $10 forever-passes. This means that you never have to pay to enter into the park again. You’ll have to be 62+ and the pass will cover up to three people that you have in the car with you.

Senior citizen discounts are pretty much everywhere, so make sure to keep your eyes out for them so that you can save even more.

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