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Movie Ticket Savings

How To Save On Movie Tickets

Budget Your Money for Movies

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still have fun if you can learn to save on movie tickets. Seeing the next big flick doesn’t mean you have to wait until DVD or Netflix. There are a variety of ways you can get cheaper movie tickets so that you can enjoy the full-effect of a picture, bringing along your family as well. Back in the day, movie tickets were cheap but today the prices have gone through the roof, stranding many movie lovers at home. Whether you are an avid movie watcher or just want to be able to get out every now and then, you can use these easy tips to save on movie tickets.

Go to a Matinee Show to Save on Movie Tickets

Not only does going to the movies during matinee hours mean fewer crowds to worry about, it also means cheaper movie tickets. Most movie theaters will bring down the price by $2 for adults. Matinee hours are from the time of opening, up until 6 pm. Each movie theater is different, so make sure to check to see who has the best matinee discounts.

Buy Movie Tickets in Bulk

Another way to save on move tickets is to buy them in bulk. If you shop at warehouses like Sam’s Club or Costco, you can buy movie tickets in bulk for your local theater. At, you can get four movie tickets that don’t expire and are good for three movie locations, all under $35 with free shipping. is another good source for cheap tickets, which can be as low as $2 to $3 per ticket for a variety of theaters in your area.

Go After Opening Night

Some movie theaters charge more for the premiere of a movie theater, which is why you should wait a couple of days or weeks for the price to go down. In certain areas, movie theaters will charge $8 for adults and $4 during matinee hours. Some even offer family discounts on Sundays and certain weekdays before 6pm.

Summertime Family Movies

Certain PG and G movies can be watched during the summer for as little as $1 at select movie theaters. Big chains like United Artists, Regal Cinemas and Edwards Theaters have these summer movie camps especially for children and their families. These shows are usually available in the morning around 10 am on weekdays. The Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse has a program like this where 10 movies each summer are offered at a discount.

Join Movie Clubs

Being loyal to certain movie clubs like AMC Stubs, can earn you rewards on concessions and tickets. For instance, in the Regal Crown Club, you can earn one point for each dollar you spend on movie tickets.

Credit Card Perks

Some credit cards offer perks like with Visa Signature, which offers 20% off of movie tickets when you spend $25 or more on movie tickets. There are several other cards that also allow you to save on movie tickets like American Express and Chase Freedom.

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