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C7 Corvette

Reworked C7 Corvette Is A Real Life Batmobile

It’s arrived: the real-life Batmobile. But it’s not filled with all sorts of trinkets, gadgets and doodads for caped crusaders. Rather, it’s the Callaway Competition’s version of the signature C7 Corvette. And it’s damn sexy; and damn bat-like, too.

Over 24 some-odd months, Callaway Competition has taken a hammer to the C7 with the goal of revamping it to make it truly one-of-a-kind. What you see in the picture above is the 2016 Callaway Corvette GT3-R, made to be in compliance with FIA GT3 regulations.

It’s built for one thing and one thing alone: racing.

The nifty curves, sharp angles and riveting body style are all things that fictional billionaire Bruce Wayne would approve of. The carbon-fiber body goes all out, unapologetic and in your face. The widened flanks, racing rubber and signature slats complement the fawning arches, all topped off with a large wing that really looks like it could glide.

But, all the coolness of its body style aside, this car does not offer some long, luxurious feature list (sorry wealthy collectors). It is made to do one thing, and that’s win races.

The engine will assuredly help. Under the hood is a 6.2-liter V8 engine that effortlessly doles out a whopping 600 horsepower, controlled by a six-speed transmission with paddle shifters for clutch-haters.

C7 Corvette

Perhaps the bat signal might attract one in the states sometime soon. But don’t count on it folks. It’s unlikely that this supercar will ever go into production for everyday drivers. But it surely would be fun to watch it on the international racing circuit (or on a spinning pedestal in a secret cave that’s housed under a mansion that’s watched over by an old, friendly butler).

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