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NFL team expansion

Result of Owner’s Meeting: NFL Playoff Expansion Delayed; L.A. Being Considered as Home for Two Teams

The NFL owner’s meeting has officially concluded. Some news has surfaced regarding what proposed changes will get rung in with the gavel. We have the info.

We’ve already touched base on the baker’s dozen of proposed changes and new rules that were put on the table at the NFL owner’s meeting  and now it’s time to look at what went down with a little bit more depth.

NFL Playoff Expansion Delayed

While it’s not the news that everyone wanted to hear, especially considering how close the teams have been in rankings (wins and losses) over the past few playoffs, with some teams getting ousted, like the Cards did in 2013, even though they had more wins than losses that season. But, the NFL playoff expansion has been delayed for the time being.

Owners had toyed with the idea of adding two more contending teams to the NFL playoffs this year, but have decided against doing so. The idea was to add a Thursday and Monday night playoff game, but it has since been canned.

“We had a healthy discussion on that,” NFL League Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “There were several factors in deciding to postpone. We want to make the regular season more important and more exciting and more teams in the race. The right thing for us to do is take another year, evaluate this and make the right decision long term.”

L.A. Could Get Two NFL Teams

Another major discussion that was chatted about involved the relocation of two NFL teams to the Los Angeles area. The region has not seen an NFL game since 1994, when the Rams last played there. In an ironic, if not fateful twist, the Rams are one of the two teams considering the relocation (back to L.A.), along with the San Diego Chargers.

There have even been rumors about the Chargers and the Rams possibly sharing a stadium in the L.A. area, but independent sources were unable to verify if this is even a possibility. Since both teams would have to assure that their home schedules were not conflicting, it could create the possibility of the teams having to rework their entire regular season schedule just to share a stadium. Of course, this is all just speculation, as nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

“If we go back to Los Angeles we want to do it right,” said Goodell. “We have a lot to do to get to that place.”

In lieu of a possible relocation of any NFL team to L.A., two plans for potential suiting stadiums have been drawn up recently. One location is being considered as a temporary stadium in efforts to woo a team in early, even as soon as the end of this year, so that the NFL can tap into one of the largest football markets it’s not even touching anymore.

“I do expect we’ll be hearing from all the teams some time in late April. There will be a lot of dialogue. There will be a lot to look at with the stadium alternatives. We’ve had some discussions of whether (after 2015) is an appropriate time frame. We certainly have not come to any conclusion on that. We have not ruled it out,” Goodell said.

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