Sunday , December 9 2018
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  1. Time to report you to the FCC and the BBB. You make it impossible to unsubscribe. Who would want to do business with you? Not me and a whole lot of other people.

  2. Darme de baja por favor.

  3. La'Brendrea Miller

    How do I Unsubscribe? I did not subscribe, however I’m receiving your spam.

  4. Unsubscribe me – this is sleazy.

  5. Unsubscribe me please

  6. Unscribe me now.

  7. Unsubscribe me please now

  8. Take me off your list

  9. Unsubscribe me please!!!

  10. Unsubscribe me


  12. Unsubscribe me. I never signed up for this junk.

  13. Unsubsribe me.

  14. Unsubscribe. This is not what it was advertised as!

  15. Unsubscribe me please.

  16. Unsubscribe!

  17. Unsubscribe me to your site


  19. STOP !!!!!

  20. Please unsubscribe me I’ve tried and tried to get removed from this and u will not remove, unsubscribe me! Why?

  21. Take me off your call list. I don’t want this at all.

  22. Unsubscribe. I don’t have time for this!

  23. Unsubscribe

    No passwords. I’m to old to give a damn for a password to receive a
    little news.

  24. , if fat content is not an issue, then the olive oil packed tuna is the way to go! I especially like the Italian jarred varieties. I’ll update the post so people know it’s an option.

  25. Well madiaamca nuts, how about that.

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