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Pro-Gorgeous Skincare Tips – Six Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Moisturizer

Self beautification will seem less complex after you read today’s article that’s loaded with pro-gorgeous skincare tips helping you understand the magic inside of that bottle of moisturizer.

Let’s face it: we are certainly not getting any younger, but many of us would embrace a way to stave off getting (or at least looking) older. In enters today’s weekly dose of pro-gorgeous beauty tips. Learn more about the power of moisturizer and just why it’s so good for supple, youthful skin, and how you should properly use it.

Applied the Wrong Way, It Can Make You Appear Older

When applying moisturizer, make sure you start at the bottom of your face, arm, leg, etc., and then move upwards. Experts say that doing this in reverse can actually make your skin appear to be older. That’s because when you apply in upwards to downwards motions, you are going against the grain of the skin and are tugging on it, which can cause it to sag.

Don’t Skimp on Skincare, Ever

The best of all pro-gorgeous skincare tips to be offered is that you shouldn’t ever allow a lapse in your skincare routine. This is because our bodies use up a lot of water while we are sleeping, and the skin is not able to stay properly hydrated throughout the duration of the average sleep cycle. But good moisturizer can actually help your skin repair itself at night, whilst you snooze.

You Need a Specific Moisturizer

There are three basic types of skin – dry, oily and combination (both) – that all require three different types of skincare regimens. Oily skin needs thinner moisturizer that won’t clog the pores. Dry skin needs thicker lotion that will not absorb as quickly to prevent flakiness. And combination skin requires a special formulation of moisturizer to provide the best results. So make sure you know your skin and what’s in that bottle.

Different Areas May Require Special Moisturizers

Be diligent when choosing a moisturizer. Most are designed for specific locations on the body. There’s eye cream, hand lotion, face cream, foot cream and full body cream, to name a few. This is due to the skin type varying at positions on the body. Make sure you address this when buying your next batch.

Moisturize on a Schedule

Experts say that it’s best to moisturize your skin on a schedule. So when should you be doing this to maximize skin renewal and cellular turnover potential? Right after you have showered or bathed, after you have shaved or after you have washed your face. That’s because these activities strip the skin of its natural moisturizer, sebum, and it needs to be replenished to sustain a healthy-looking dermis.

Certain Seasons Require More Moisturizer

Certain times of the year will require more moisturizer than others. For instance, during the winter time it will be a lot drier out. This can lead to very dry and flaky skin. Therefore, moisturize a lot more often during the dry spells and less often during periods of humidity, while assuring that you protect skin during periods of high UV exposure, like in the summer. The weather will play a strong role with your skincare routine; so pay attention to it and you can better preserve your youth.

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