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Political Circus! The 2016 Election Candidates Are Providing Free Entertainment – And The Debates Haven’t Even Started

Cast of characters: the summer is off to a roaring start

Get out the popcorn and get ready for a raucous television season.

No, I’m not talking about the network television season next fall, even though I always look forward to my favorite show, NCIS, returning in September on CBS.

I’m talking about the presidential primaries that are already a world of entertainment before the debates have even started. The 2016 election candidates are a piece of work.

It’s almost like a new wave of fresh programming instead of the traditional summer TV fare of reruns.

It doesn’t matter which party you support or which candidate you’re thinking about voting for– this primary season is going to be better than any reality television show.

It’s got any of those Housewives shows beat – and what’s better than Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump asking the American public to hire him?

I still have my doubts as to whether Trump will stick out the race, but after NBC dropped his beauty pageants and he’s no longer hosting Celebrity Apprentice, it’s becoming more likely he will remain in the GOP field. He sort of has to now.

Trump is already sucking up the oxygen in the race, and the media and public are focused on everything he says, down to his insulting Mexican immigrants. It’s going to be hard for the more than a dozen people who run for the GOP nomination to get any air time. Do they have to be just as outlandish and provocative as Trump? He’s the only one drawing huge crowds and a swarm of media wherever he goes.

Let’s be honest: If Trump were on a television station 24 hours a day, it would get plenty of viewers, whether they like him as a candidate or not.

Meanwhile, the entertainment has already started with Supreme Court rulings keeping Obamacare in place and making gay marriage legal across the country.

From Ted Cruz calling it one of the worst 24 hours in American history, to Mike Huckabee saying he won’t abide by the Supreme Court, to Bobby Jindal saying the nation maybe ought to get rid of the Supreme Court – no TV writer could make this stuff up.

All of this is happening, and we haven’t even had the first debate on Fox.

And you know it’s only going to get better with Chris Christie now jumping into the race. He’s brash and a loudmouth and definitely entertaining television – even without his having to debate or share airtime with anybody else. And I haven’t even mentioned Ben Carson yet or Rand Paul, and it’s probably safe to mention Ted Cruz twice. He would like that.

The more mainstream candidates (Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker) are going to have to spice it up if they want to take any attention away from the circus performing around them.

With all of the attention on the Republicans, that doesn’t mean we should forget about the Democrats. That will be entertaining as well, except for maybe a dull Martin O’Malley.

Hillary Clinton is going to win the party’s nomination, but Bernie Sanders will get his share of votes because the liberals who tend to vote in the primary will like his policy prescriptions and trust him more than Clinton, who’s hampered by her ties to Wall Street and vote for the Iraq War.

Unlike the Republican primary that will be an all-out war of candidate-bashing, the Democratic primary will be an interesting one for a different reason. The candidates won’t be bashing each other, but it will be fascinating to see how far Sanders will pull Clinton to the left.

The GOP primary, since it’s such a large field where you can’t get into too much detail, sounds like it will center more on who hates President Obama the most, gay marriage, and Obamacare. Of course, there will be plenty of discussion about ISIS, terrorism, and the Middle East, and who will be the toughest on terrorists.

I can’t wait.

Once we get through the primaries, we can zero in on the important issues. But until we vote in the primaries, it’s going to be nothing short of political theater.

None of what’s happening in the primaries will change my mind on who to vote for and who I think is best to lead the nation. But that won’t stop me from enjoying the free entertainment.

Tell us what you think of your 2016 candidates in the comments below.

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