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A white New Balance walking shoe for seniors.

Here’s How To Pick The Best Walking Shoes

The Importance Of Good Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are very important for elderly folks who like to walk long distances. If you are trying to get into shape or stay fit, then walking is a great way to do so. You’ll be able to keep a healthy weight and prevent the onset of certain health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Walking can also help to make your bones stronger and gives you better balance. If you have friends to walk with it can make it a fun experience. It’ll also give you a chance to be outdoors getting fresh air. If you’ve already been walking for a while, it’s important that you are wearing proper walking shoes.

Avoid Buying Bargain Walking Shoes

Wearing shoes that are comfortable for your feet is necessary, whether you’re walking a few miles or just doing a bit of shopping around town. Finding well-made shoes is highly important and you won’t find those at bargain sales. Discount shoes are cheaper for a reason and this is because they are low quality. You get what you pay for when it comes to cheap shoes. You want to get a pair of walking shoes that offer sufficient support and protection. Typically, at $75 can get you a pair of decent shoes for walking regularly.

Why You Should Avoid Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Selecting just any old shoe to wear could cause more harm than you think. If your shoes don’t have enough support or have soles that are thin, can cause heel pain. This is especially so for the aging population. When you walk, the heel of your foot presses down against the floor harder and can lead to it becoming irritated or inflamed. Heel spurs can also occur. If you have been witnessing heel pain, then you should make an appointment with a podiatrist before it gets worse.

Select a Running Shoe to Walk In

To some experts, walking shoes are running shoes. Running shoes are well equipped to handle impact and long-use, making it ideal for walking as well. In fact, they are even more comfortable because of the extra cushion they have for your feet and joints. Running shoes are designed for all foot types and provide additional support. Preventing injuries is the primary goal of them, so you’ll find them to be a great choice.

Find Shoes with Motion Control

As you are walking, you want to have good control of your motion. One wrong move could cause an injury like a sprained ankle or joint pain. In order to obtain motion control, you need walking shoes that supports your arches, allows your heels to move correctly, and provides cushioning for your entire foot. If you are overweight, have high arches, or are flat footed then you’re going to need shoes that offer motion control.

Having the proper walking shoes for your workouts and daily activities is important so go to a quality shoe store and try some on!

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