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NFLPA, Tom Brady Could Go To Court Over Four Game Suspension

The epic saga of Tom Brady vs. the NFL, ahem, Roger Goodell, continues, as the NFLPA threatens to take the NFL to federal court.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is once again sweeping the news headlines, just days after he appealed a four-game suspension that was overseen by Goodell, a move many thought was out of place because Goodell issued the suspension and already had a biased motive.

As the NFL world watched, lovers and haters alike, the internet nearly broke as feeds couldn’t keep up with the raucous that surrounded Deflate Gate. And now it seems that even more fervor has been stirred into the pot with the latest news: The NFLPA is now threatening to sue the NFL over the suspension unless Goodell agrees to rescind the entire thing, not reduce it by a game or two.

According to the most recent tabloid rumors and leaks, Tom Brady has said that neither he nor the union will accept a suspension of any kind and would prefer to have their day in court, where a federal judge could make the final call.

But, the big cliffhanger is this: The final decision to appeal the ruling and take the NFL to court would be ultimately Tom’s. While there is much speculation going back and forth as to whether or not Brady would do this, the simple answer is: YES.

He’s one of the NFL’s most winningest quarterback, the only one to lead a team to an 16-0 regular season record, and a man who holds four Lombardi trophies he’s earned from his career, not to mention countless awards and several MVPs.

If Brady were to take the NFL to court, he’d have some ground to stand on, for sure. For starters, the court won’t really accept Ted Wells’ report. Brady has never admitted to any foul play and there is only speculation that says otherwise. In a court of law, there has to be hard evidence, something that the Wells report never was able to offer, admittedly so.

The fact that Wells accepted millions to paint a picture of a cheating Brady but came up short could be enough to sue in itself.

And on Brady’s side, he’s got a legacy to protect. Being labeled as a cheater doesn’t really reflect that great on his career accolades.

The defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, Greg Hardy, recently appealed a 10-game suspension, and it was ultimately reduced to just four games. That was for domestic violence, not some “we think that you may have done it but have no proof” case, as this one is.

Love him or hate him, evidence is evidence. In our criminal court system, reasonable doubt is enough to set a man free. In civil court, it’s even easier to prove something because you do not have to rely upon reasonable doubt.

Brady will indeed have his day in court, if he so chooses. The most likely result of that will be that his suspension is vacated entirely. In the meanwhile, however, the Pats are not taking any chances and have signed Matt Flynn to fill in the gap, if there ends up being one, just in case.

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