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Summer Books: The Must-Reads

Our Entertainment Editor picks three books you absolutely must read this summer—if you haven’t already.

Long summer days mean more time for summer reading, so if you’re looking for me, I’ll be poolside with a good book. I have a lengthy list to get through in the new few months, but I’ve already torn through some great ones. If you haven’t read these, my top three, it’s time to get started!


Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch was recommended to me by so many people that I felt like I didn’t have a choice–it became the first book I read this summer. And in this case, my friends were right. What a read! The story was creative, the characters flawed but sympathetic. The Goldfinch kicks off in Manhattan and then unfolds in a suburban Las Vegas wasteland that was tough to read about. But throughout, the result of a lightning quick decision that the main character, Theo, made as a child simmers, deftly creating a page-turner out of an otherwise already emotional coming-of-age tale.


HRC, a smartly written biography of Hillary Clinton, quickly became the political book of the year when it was published in February. Yes, I’m biased—co-author Amie Parnes was my reporting partner-in-crime in college and during the devastating September 11 in New York City (I’m even in the acknowledgements). But as my dad, not knowing that I knew the author, so wisely said, “HRC is better than the one Hillary wrote herself.” Years worth of tireless reporting and inside information clearly went into the writing HRC revealing how Clinton went from bitter Obama rival to revered Secretary of State, and sets us up for her (inevitable) run for the White House.


I’m a proponent of folding the classics into one’s book list, and what better summer read than the guilty pleasure Valley Of The Dolls? Manhattan showbiz in the 1940s somehow wavers between extremely modern decisions regarding dating and how to find men to date when you’re always with your (more interesting) gays, and scandalously old-fashioned storylines regarding a woman’s place in society. Sex, fame and pill popping keep it juicy. Definitely a great summer read.

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