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Muahhh, Zombies! Seven Reasons to Watch the “Walking Dead” on AMC

If you have not ever gotten the chance to watch the “Walking Dead” on AMC, there’s never been a better time to witness zombie mayhem for your own eyes.

What would you do if you were surrounded by zombie hordes at every turn with just your basic survival skills, the bare necessities and a group of ragtag survivors to accompany you as the world was ending all around you?

Set in the whereabouts of Atlanta, Georgia, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) must endure through unimaginable trials and tribulations as he leads his troupe of survivors to a safe haven. With everything on the line, a teenager son, a newborn baby and some trusted companions to protect, danger is lurking at every turn.

The most dangerous part of the journey is oddly the humans who still live. They are the ones you fear the most when you watch the “Walking Dead.” As the spirit of humanity collapses in the zombie onslaught – which is beautifully rendered via next-generation graphics – human compassion becomes a thing of the past.

What follows are seven reasons to get caught up on the gory mayhem of one of the most successful cable TV shows of all time on AMC.

Survival is Within Us All

Human beings are innately programmed to survive. Hypothermia, for example, is caused by the brain, not the body. The brain will actually sacrifice limbs to save itself. Needless to say, it’s invigorating, and horrifying, to watch this troupe survive.

Characters Are Built-Up to Let You Down

Hey, it’s a zombie apocalypse. We’ll not ruin it with any spoilers, so don’t worry about that. But the reality is that some of your favorite characters will go on to become zombie hors d’oeuvres. Typically the really messy kind, too.

Walking dead special effectsVisual Effects Are So Real They’re Believable

Forget what you saw in any 80s or 90s zombie movie. Forget what you ever knew about zombies. These “walkers” look so real that you truly believe they are. From rotting flesh that falls off the bones to exposed innards. It’s a real gore fest.

It’s Good Practice to Stop Biting Your Nails

Do you struggle to stop biting your nails? Could you really use an extra dose of discipline? This show will teach you how difficult it is to break your habits because it’s a real nail-biter most of the time.

Few Shows Offer So Much Good Conversation

There are few shows out there that offer as much conjecture as this one does. When you watch the “Walking Dead,” it creates hours of conversations. That’s because there is a good deal of drama intertwined with the character development and plot twists.

Never-Ending Apocalyptic Movie

Did you ever want an apocalyptic movie to never end? That’s what you will get here. Each season picks right up where the last one left off. Then it’s on to another 16 episodes of zombie glory.

An L.A. Spin-Off is Coming Soon

An as of yet untitled spin-off is coming soon. AMC just bought two seasons worth, according to reports. It will feature some well-known actors and will follow the virus outbreak from the beginning on the West Coast. Even more reasons to watch.

Bonus Reason: Netflix Reruns and Amazon Prime

Seasons one through five are now available on Netflix without commercials. New episodes, for you cord-cutters, are offered on Amazon a day after they air for just $1.99, commercial-free. All the more reason to dig in to some gold old fashion, gourmet BRAIINNNNNS!

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