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David Bowie

Shocker! Bro-lish Is One Fashion Accessory Boomers Have More Experience With

David BowieIndulge your Ziggy Stardust fantasies – it’s now in style for non-rock stars, too.

If we’re in our prime now, we were really bad-asses during Ziggy Stardust’s reign.

FABY nail polishNowadays, if you want to be Kiss crooning Beth or Marilyn Manson dark, you can be. Or if you prefer a more gentlemanly way of saying “I’m polished,” you can be that too—and will probably fit right in with today’s hipsters. Men’s grooming may never be the same again.

So next time a friend or younger family member mentions nail polish (or boldly wears it), you can flash that one-upped-ya smirk of your free love weekends at Woodstock or Haight-Ashbury. Because you’ll have your very own bottle of FABY men’s nail polish. I have the whole collection! My faves? “Globetrotter” is a Jaguar racing green and “For Sure, Yes!” is a deep navy-cobalt blue.

Londontown polishInterestingly, like the medieval nobility of centuries past, who wore high-heeled shoes tied with ribbon (yes, male nobles), were men of even higher stature that wore nail polish. When we think of Babylon and gladiators, having dark or black nail polish is hardly the picture we envision; yet it was so. The deepest, darkest shades of cobalt blue, purple and black were reserved for the highest reigning monarchies or their royal court members. Polo green, meanwhile, was meant for the working class men of the same medieval generation. For more recent real men wearing nail polish Google “historical uses for men’s nail polish
If you want to stay true to British glam rock, then Londontown’s “Across The Pond” or “Chuffed To Bits” will enhance your eyes perfectly—or that very in-fashion baby blue dinner jacket. Incidentally, their kur (cure) Nourishing Cuticle Oil is perfect for curing dry, cracked cuticles, or preventing such atrocities from happening altogether. Whether you’re in the garden, tinkering with your Harley, or washing your hands frequently, it really provides relief! I used it throughout the day and before bed.
04-Nails-Inc-Love-BitesAnd by the way, women love having men paint their toenails. So if your mate gives you grief about enjoying manly bro-lish, show them some L-O-V-E. Hint: The Love Box Nail Polish Collection is an iconic nod to Alexa Chung who “hearts” our favorite nail polish topcoat—a striking clear finale with glittery red hearts. Lots of them. If you’re timid about men’s bro-lish (polish), start small with a pinky and your big toe. Or buff your nails and paint all your toes. It’s a fun way to say we’re comfortable with our manhood. As we were then.

Cheers, Ziggy.

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